What is Software Engineering


Introduction to software engineering

Software engineering is a technique through which we can developed or created electronic devices in other words. Software engineering is a process in designed based on there heeds.

If you create any software for any electronic device you can’t create without software engineering the software engineer will tell you how any software will be created if you have created any software If it happens to your client, he will say OK. If you hire a civil engineer to build a house, you will have to consult the civil engineer about the design of your house.

If you create software for mobile whatever you create software for computer system there is called software engineering for software.

First of all you have to analyze the problem of your customer is the first principal of software engineer.Understand the requirement as a gether.Then you have to design the according of the requirement that you have analyzed and given to you by your customer.After creating the design, you can show your customer that your software will be ready in this way.

In software engineering the development of software using well deling procedures.

The software engineer will tell you that if you create any software, you have to follow the scientific principal.Or there are some methods that have to be followed and some steps mean procedures according to which we develop any software, then all these are defined in the software engineer, only by following all these you can develop the software.

Software engineering building these software and application by using designed and programming languages.

In oder to cream complex software we should use software engineering as well as to reduce the complexity we should use abstraction and de composition where abstraction described only important past of the software and leave irrelevant things for later stage of development requirement of software become simple

And decomposing break down the software in to number of module where each module produces a well define independent task.

:- purpose of software engineering

(1) To manage large software
—: Learn about software engineering if you develop the biggest software and you don’t know their requirements.
(2) For greater scalability
—: As long as there is a scientific principal of software engineering, you should follow your software and only then you will be able to create and work with that software.
(3) To manage the cost
—: Software engineering will also tell you how much it costs if you create a software. When you prepare a design, according to the customer’s requirements, you will know everything there as the design will come in front of you.You will then be able to tell your customer how much it will cost them to create the software.
(4) To manage the dynamic nature of the software
—: Software Engineering If you create software then the nature of your software is dynamic which means then you can add anything to it and also remove what you can call maintenance. If you want to bring an update, you can bring it from there.
(5) for better quality management
—: You have to do maintenance for the best quality of software, you have to follow the costing of software engineering.

Testing means software it finding or existing software

Anything that has become software that is becoming any software in which you work, any error, bug sings, malfunction, it is found and tested, there is no defect of any kind and you can know by testing it in your software.

Before moving type of testing we have to know about
(1) Black box testing, or functional testing
(2) white box testing, or structure testing
(3) unit testing
(4) integration testing
(5) system testing

● Black box testing :- black box testing is that testing in which the tester doesn’t have the knowledge of the coding

In the testing we only check the functionality of the software that is input by pass and out the software produces

● white box testing :- in white box testing the tester has knowledge of coding and internal struetar of existing software weather the internal struetar is correct or not.

Type of software testing

● unit testing :- unit testing to check the independent and individual unit or module of software

● integration testing :- this testing will integrate all the module one by one check the compartibiti issues ( whether one module is comparable with other module or not)

● system testing :- in this testing we put the software in different environment and check whether the software is compatible with new environment by not.


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