What Is Paytm? How to Use It


How to add bank account on Paytm ?

To add an bank account first you have to create a account on Paytm. There are few steps how to create an account on Paytm I have explained it below.
First you have to decide that for what purpose you are creating the account. There are two option one is Paytm and second is Paytm for business. If you are a businessman and want to put an QR code for your customer’s than you must download the second option ( Paytm for business) otherwise for normal use you can go for the first option ( Paytm ).
After choosing the suitable option go to Google Play Store and search for Paytm or Paytm for business and click on the download button. ( do not download it from any other sites there are some fraud application available on the internet) Once you complete the downloading open the application.

How to login in Paytm ?

After opening the application you will see the welcome page where there are few features of Paytm are available if you click on the skip button application will open a page where you have to give your mobile number to login ( make sure you give your current existing number ). In this page you have an option to change the language also for that you just have to click on the top right option of ” change language” and choose suitable language.
Once you enter the mobile number click on the proceed securely button. After that application will ask your permission to send you the message, click on the allow button and then the application will verify your mobile number and send the OTP ( one time password) on the given mobile number.
you have to enter that code and than application will confirm the code and take you to the different page where you have two option one is to create a new account and the second is to login into existing account. click on to create a new account.

How to login in Paytm for business?

Same as Paytm you will see the welcome page and some features of the application after opening the application. Press on the skip button and it will get you to new tab where you have to enter your mobile number which is currently active in your phone. They will verify your mobile number and send an OTP ( one time password ). enter the otp in the given box.
Once they confirm the otp application will take you to new page where you have to give some details about your business. Enter the name of your business in the given space.
There is another option in which you have some options of different catagory of business. For example if you are owner of an general store then you have to select retail and shoping. After selecting this catagory there will be an sub category option. In that you will have to select the option according to your business. For example you are selling cosmetic products than select the option cosmetics.

Is paytm secure ?

Paytm is one of the oldest payment application and well know for its security protocols. They provide their personal security shield where you can set password or fingerprint. So that no one can open your application. Additionally they have secure software where your personal details can not be compromised. 10 crore plus users believes in Paytm for their secure payment option.

What are the benifits of Paytm ?

There are so many advantages of using this application. First and most importantly you can transfer money directly to the bank account. Than you can pay anywhere in a single touch of your finger. You can also pay electricity bill , mobile recharge , tv recharge , etc.
They have so many different schemes also to save money via different ways. They give massive discount on shopping and you can earn gift cards also by using this application for your payment.
If you invite your friends by giving your referral code then they give 100rs reward directly to your account. This is an all in one application where you can do everything in a very easy and secure way. Paytm have amazing team of experts to solve the problem of the users of application. you can chat with them anytime regarding any problem you are facing using this application. And you can give feedback after getting help from expert so that they can improve themselves day by day.

How to add bank account in Paytm ?

After creating an account in Paytm go to the home page and click on the profile button given on the top left side of the page.
In that page you will see their is an option “Activate Account” click on that option. It will take to the page where you can select a bank in which you have your bank account. If your bank is not in this page than you can click on the other bank and search for your bank.
After finding your bank just simply click on the symbol of your bank But make sure that your mobile number you have linked in your bank account and you have given to login the application is the same and it will start verification of your account automatically via mobile number you have given. After the verification you will get the sms that your bank account is linked successfully.
After that application will ask you to create an 6 digit UPI Pin by giving your debit card details. Without UPI Pin you can not transfer money to anyone. In this you just have to give your last six number of your debit card and expiry date of debit card and than click on the proceed button.
After that you have to set your six digit pin. make sure you do not forget this because you will have to enter this pin everytime you transfer money to anyone. Do not share this pin to anyone so that no one can transfer money from your phone.
Now you are all set to send money , pay bills and etc.


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