What is BYJU’S, How to Get Subscription On BYJU’S


First you need to download BYJU’S application from the Play Store then you have to install it in it then after the application is installed you have to process it further.

Then after opening BYJU’S application you will have to enter your mobile number in it. In the next process you will have to enter the email id. What will your name do automatically after entering the e-mail id. Then you have to process the next one. In the next process you have to write the name of the district and city.

Next you have to select the grade, that is, select the standard in which you want to study.

Only when you select a district will your location be detected and your city will be automatically detected.Then you touch on the grade option and select the grade from which you want to study in standard and then you have to type the name of the school.

When you type the name of the school, the application will open automatically and you will have to go through the process.

How to book a class?

You will see a lot of subjects when you open the application. Mathematical science for example etc etc. Then you can select the time you want to select the time for the next process. After selecting the date you will show the time in the net page and it will be written as universe then left side message will be written in your phone congratulations will be written Done and will be written in the message.

The message will then come to your mobile via a text message. In that message you will see the time you have selected the date. You will also see the link in the text message in your mobile, you have to touch the link. After touching the link, the application will open, Once the application is open you can select the class according to your time and start learning.

The application page will open only after clicking on link then you have to give permission then you can learning.

You do not have to pay any kind of fee before the demo lecture comes and you will learn a lot in making BYJU’S video.

With the help of BYJU’S app you can watch videos and through that video you will get to do a lot and gain knowledge.

How to contact with BYJU’S?

When you open BYJU’S application, you will see my profile in the above application, you will have to touch your profile, you will see many options, then you will see the contact us below. And you can also save the number. You can also dail directly on this number and get whatever information you see.When you touch my profile, you will see the bottom of the site, the contacts are written in different colors. By doing this, you keep going to the contact list and you can also make direct calls from there.

If you want to know how many classes you have completed and how many classes are left, you can touch right side after opening the application and you can see in the class you will see that some classes are left and how many classes have been completed.

After opening the application, you will have to click on the grade of the free demo lecture you are learning and you will have to fill the demo lecture.If you want to take a free demo lecture, you have to select the time and date.

When you are taking a learning on this application and you are in trouble of any kind than after call on queries number and easy solve any problem. Than after you can save the number and solve problems any time.

How to share application?

When you open the app you will see share with Friends on the Direct to Home page and then when you touch it a lot of options will open. You can send to the friends or relatives you want to send.

How to give rates??

When you open the BYJU’S app you will see on the homepage how many rates out of five you can rate the app as you want to rate it.

To subscribe to BYJU’S you have to go profile after opening BYJU’S application and by going to contacts you can ask by dialing and get complete information then you have to pay your grade and you can pay the fee.


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