What is Amazon Prime Video, How to Use It


First we download the Amazon Prime Video application from the play store then install that application.

If you have already created an account you will need to sign in when you open the application.To sign in, you will need to enter your mobile number or e-mail ID.You will then need to enter the password you created.Then you have to click on Continue.

If you do not already have an account created in Amazon Prime Video, you will need to scroll down and then you will see below create a New Amazon Account You have to click on it.Then you have to write your name in the new page then enter your mobile number so that verification code will come in your mobile number or you can also enter email id then verification code will come in email id if you have entered mobile number then verification code will come and enter email id If so, the verification code will by text messagecome in the e-mail id.

Then you have to create a password for this eight letters. You have to create a strong password in which you have to use the letters and statistics. Then you have to click on your continue.

In the next process you have to give something again, then OTP i.e. one time password will come in your mobile number, you have to enter that OTP, then you have to click on your create amazon account then you will see success written on mobile screen.

Then you will see the home page of Amazon Prime account in which you can watch TV shows kids and hollywood film etc.

Total nine language is used in Amazon Prime video using language like Hindi Marathi Tamil Kannada etc when all these languages ​​have been used in Amazon Prime video then it’s large used by customer.

How to get Amazon Prime membership?

When you open the Amazon Prime application, you will see the prime on the home page, you have to click on it or you can open it by searching above, then you have to make prime plans as much as you can.You can plan for as many months as you want.

When you want to get a one month plan you will get two options one credit card and the other debit card for payment you can use credit card or debit card in this you will not be able to use amazon balance, in this you can do not use net banking, Amazon Prime. You can use any bank’s credit card and debit card.

If you want to take a one month membership you will be automatically deducted money every month so you have to go to your settings and set it manually.Then you can close that plan.

If you want to get a three month membership you can cut money either credit card or debit card or UPI or netbanking etc etc you can also pay through amazon pay balance.

Similarly if you want to get 12 months membership you can pay through any medium upi or net banking or amazon pay balance etc.

You can take as many months of membership as you want. One month, three months or twelve months. For example, if you want to get three months membership, you can click on.You will have to click on join prime then you will be show on how many charge deductions will be show in page then you will have to select the medium through which you want to cut money. If you have net banking connected then you can also cut money through it Or if you want to add a credit card or debit card of any bank.

Then you have to select any medium, then you have to click on make payment, then you have to keep your address, then you have to click on the address located in US.

After that your next page send will open there your thank you will be written and you have signed up for three months of writing will come.

Yes, there are many benefits to taking a membership. You will get fast delivery. You will get free delivery.

When you order something from Amazon, you don’t have to go out of your house, it comes to your house.

When you buy Amazon Prime you will be able to buy any discounted item 30 minutes in advance so you can avoid having the item run out.

You can use Amazon Prime Time for 30 days and then if you want to continue this service you can continue up to 999 rupees and this service with 999 rupees will continue for you. Can take fast and free delivery from Amazon without any cost.

Then you can watch video movie. After taking prime you can also watch TV shows. After that you will also get the service of prime music so that you can listen to the latest song. You can listen to the music in the ad free. A lot of language will also be found.

Amazon Prime members also get to do prime reading in which you will get to do a lot of book settings Amazon Prime members get one book free every month.

How to make Amazon Prime member?

To become an Amazon Prime member you first have to go to amazon.in then go to dial prime below the people of amazon you will find a link there you have to touch there you will see a big banner in the home page where you are asked to visit and join is coming.Once you login with your Amazon account you will be able to use this service for free for 30 days. If you want to continue this service then you can continue the service by paying.


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