Season 4 of Westworld kicked off with a bang, leaving unanswered questions in what'll once more be many roads intersecting to show the bigger picture.

Season 4 of HBO's Westworld kicked off with a cryptic bang. Most of the premiere revolved around Evan Rachel Wood, but this time, not the rogue machine Dolores from previous seasons.

However, Ed Harris' William (aka the Man in Black) started up another bloody crusade in the real world.

In the Season 3 finale, Serac killed Dolores for good, destroying her body and mind. However, it was part of her plan, all to enable Caleb to bring down the oppressive A.I. known as Rehoboam. 

Thus, fans are wondering if Dolores somehow survived and is inside Christina's mind. She's a game-writer now, using memories from Dolores' time in the Delos parks to craft background characters.

Christina's existence may actually be tied to Charlotte, She was making new hosts at the end, so she could have created a bot in the image of Dolores.

This could be her way of placing Dolores back in a prison as vengeance for taking Charlotte's family away from her and making her a pawn in the game against Rehoboam.

Arnold/Bernard had access to the digital afterlife many bots were sent to at the end of Season 2. It took him some time to navigate the headset, but he eventually woke up as Season 3 concluded.