Pennyworth Season 3 is set to arrive on HBO Max later this year, and despite being relatively unknown, it's actually one of DC's best - here's why.

Since the announcement that Pennyworth (2019-present) would be moving to HBO Max for its upcoming third season,

fans of the series have been eagerly anticipating the return of the DC show that follows former SAS member,

now bar owner Alfred Pennyworth and his exploits in 1960s London, with Thomas Wayne and Martha Kane, years before the birth of their son and their murder that inspires his war on crime.

With the CW network's recent cancellation of Batwoman and DC's Legends of Tomorrow, as well as the planned conclusions of several other Arrowverse properties over the last two years,

Pennyworth is one of few remaining DC properties on television, and yet it has a relatively small following.

With its mixture of action, character-driven storylines and a world that very much feels like it's set in the DC universe - and here is why.

The show offers social commentary that is still relevant today (without being too on the nose) with the exploration of politics and class being key plot points for many of the characters.