Every two weeks a different set of four characters are available to try for free in MultiVersus - this rotation includes LeBron and Arya.

MultiVersus is the hottest platform fighter out right now, and every two weeks it features four free-to-play characters that can span from cartoons, TV shows, and movies. 

One of MultiVersus’ key selling points is being free-to-play, making it more approachable than other platform brawlers. 

The game rotates playable characters in a set time frame, giving players access to try out new characters and incentivize them into purchasing specific fighters.

Season 1 just launched for the game along with brand-new character Morty Smith from Adult Swim’s hit show Rick and Morty. 

One of them was Superman - MultiVersus being his best video game appearance - from DC Comics, a Tank who has the ability to fly around the arena and toss opponents.

Next was Adventure Time's Finn The Human. Finn is an Assassin type who can get around quickly and possesses the ability to obtain coins throughout the battle and purchases items.

Reindog is one of the few Support types in the game who can tether to allies, potentially saving them from a ring out if done in time.