Ms. marvel has broken a coveted MCU record by becoming the highest-rated franchise show on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

The series currently boasts an enviable 96% "Fresh" rating on the famous Tomatometer, putting it ahead of rivals like Loki and Hawkeye. 

Yet, for all this critical acclaim, the series' viewing figures have occasionally left a lot to be desired, raising questions about exactly how Ms. Marvel has been able to break the record.

Ms. Marvel is an archetypal superhero origin story, The series follows Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American superhero super-fan who spends her days fantasizing about her icons.

After inheriting a mysterious bangle, Kamala develops incredible powers of her own, including the ability to harness energy and project physical constructions made out of so-called "hard light".

The series charts both Kamala coming to terms with these abilities and navigating life as a high school student in Jersey City.

Given the MCU's dominance of modern movie culture, it's hard for any new Marvel project to do something genuinely original.

The much-discussed (and sometimes criticized) MCU template for directors and filmmakers means that many projects, however different on paper, can end up feeling incredibly similar to one another.