In Taika Waitit's electrifying Thor: Love and Thunder, there was a clear winner between Jane Foster and Odinson regarding who was the best Thor.

The aspect fans were most fascinated to see in Thor: Love and Thunder was how Natalie Portman's Jane Foster would get depicted as the Mighty Thor. 

In the comics, she received a period to be the only hammer-wielding hero, coming off as a true badass.

And from the trailers, it seemed that, while this was a condensed story regarding Jane's origins as a hero, she would be cutting a similar figure as a superhero.

Jane wasn't a supporting character -- she got to kick butt and truly own Mjolnir, helping Chris Hemsworth's lightning-rocking Odinson against Christian Bale's Gorr the God Butcher.

In fact, she left the Avengers mightly impressed, so much so that he had to rethink his stance as the God of Thunder.

In terms of mentality, it's pretty close. As goofy as Thor was, he matured quickly, centering himself after the Guardians of the Galaxy left him. 

He even used his ax to chop down Gorr's shadow monsters and give Gorr a run for his money when they tracked him to the Shadow Realm.