Groot's bold move in Avengers: Infinity War leads to a major plot point for Thor's relationship with his axe Stormbreaker in Thor: Love and Thunder.

The mighty battleaxe Stormbreaker is a weapon truly meant for a king, but a hiccup in its original forging inadvertently leads to a major plot point in Thor: Love and Thunder.

During the events of Avengers: Infinity War, Thor was left beaten by Thanos and without his signature weapon, the hammer Mjolnir.

Thor, Rocket and an adolescent Groot journeyed to Nidavellir to replace it with a weapon forged by the last remaining dwarf, Eitri.

While it did save Thor's life Groot's sacrifice left a strong influence on Stormbreaker's personality, as disclosed by Thor 4's director at a press conference attended by CBR. 

It would seem that some of Groot's youthful angst might have left a lasting impression on the God of Thunder's all-powerful weapon.

This attitude will be very present in the upcoming film as Thor wrestles not only with his feelings for Jane Foster but for her hammer, the newly repaired Mjolnir. 

One clip even showed Thor attempting to reclaim Mjolnir only to have Stormbreaker make its way into his hand instead.