There was disorder in the court in June of 2022, when suddenly Young was filling in as Michael as the judge decided whether his son would be spending any time with grandma.

Well, that was a short love story. Chet and Terry had just started dating when his sister arranged for him to get a job in Chicago.

Once it was revealed that Harmony had killed Neil — and she offed his brother and was ready to do the same to Carly.

The writing was on the wall for Willow’s “mother,” whom Sasha accidentally turned into a speedbump in May 2022.

Less than a year after the youngster took over the role of Charlotte from Scarlett Fernandez, Valentin and Lulu’s daughter was shipped off to boarding school.

When the Emmy winner underwent what she jokingly called “a little back thingy surgery” in the spring of 2022.

The soap accommodated her absence by bringing in as a temp Stephanie Erb, who you may recall once played a GH patient named Camille on spinoff Port Charles.

When the soap’s longest-serving cast member was replaced by another actress in mid-March 2022, many a fan suffered the kinda palpitations that would make them a patient of Monica’s