Noah Thompson is giving American Idol fans a taste of the new music he’s currently working on and folks aren’t hold back their thoughts.

On June 27, the American Idol 2022 winner posted a minute-long TikTok of himself playing an acoustic guitar and singing never-before-heard lyrics.

Noah started off the clip by prefacing that he doesn’t “consider [himself] a good songwriter” but wanted to know what his followers thought about his latest project.

Many fans immediately took to social media to rave about how great it already sounded and encouraged him to complete it.

The exciting music teaser comes after Noah spoke with the Herald Dispatch on June 1 and revealed that he will be practicing his creative craft on and off the road.

“I'm looking forward to getting out and playing shows and meeting people and writing songs — that's what I'm working on right now," Noah told the outlet.

 As folks may know, his debut single “One Day Tonight” soared to the top of country charts on iTunes after his American Idol win,

But Noah didn’t write the tune. Still, one of the songwriters, Brett Sheroky, expressed to WKYT his excitement for Noah's success.