Top 3 Useful Applications For Students

useful apps for students


What Is Quizlet ?

Quizlet helps students to practice in what they are learning. User can search a database of millions of pre created study set on thouands of topics or create their own custom study sets. Quizlet also saves students and teacher time by providing serevel different way to review the material from flashed and timed games to adaptive questions and practic tests that can be used for individual practice or learning outside of classroom.
Quizlet Live, a time based review game that teachers can use in the classroom , empower students to buid soft skills such as communication, as well as hard skill like vocabulary retention, Quizlet seven other study activities allow for easy differentiation and hep students build strong study habit for life.

How to Download Quizlet

  1. Open Play Store.
  2. Search ‘Quizlet’.
  3. Install it.
  4. open and use it.

How to use Quizlet

  1. Open Quizlet in your phone.
  2. Now login with your google account.
  3. Now create study set in Quizlet.
  4. Then you have to create adaptive study.
  5. Then match a spelling on Quizlet.
  6. Then touch on Gravity option.
  7. Then Press the live button on Quizlet
  8. Then you are live on Quizlet.


Use post-it Notes anywhere and anytime, Post-it app bring the simplicity of  your mac, iphone and android, whether you use post-it notes for teamwork and collaboration or for reminders and peronal note taking, post-it app helps you keep th moment going.
If you work from home or as student in remote learning use post-it app to share your ideas with other structure your assignment  and share thm with your teacher or create colorful and share them with your friends.

How to Download Post-it App

  1. Open play store.
  2. Search Post-it App.
  3. Install It.
  4. Open and Use it.

How to Us Post-it App

  1. Take picture of your notes.
  2. Type events on your notes.
  3. Now add a multiple notes.
  4. Then delete note on the bottom of the page.
  5. You have to change the color of the note.


Staying focused has nevr been harder in this world of digital distractions from phone call to text messages, your attention is constantly being aivrted.
Plant a tre when you need to stay focused. If you commit to your task without getting distracted , your tree grows, if you can not resist the temptation use your phone your trees dies.
Free yourself from obsessive scroling and achieve your goals. Grow your very own forest with each tree representing your efforts.

How to Download Forest Focus Timer

  1. Open Play Store.
  2. Search ‘ Forest focus timer’.
  3. Install It.
  4. Open it and use it.

How to Use Forest Focus Timer

  1. First open the main dashboard.
  2. Now select a timeline.
  3. Now select time to visit  friends.
  4. Now focus and win a achivements.
  5. Now create a new selection.
  6. Now setting their timeline.
  7. Then you focus the time and plant a tree.


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