Top 10 story ideas for Instagram


First you have to open Instagram then click on your story then you have to select any photo from your phone then click on the snake icon in the top side then below you will be given many color options depending on the color you want to do in your background. After clicking, a finger will appear on your screen. Hold it with your touch then click on the right mark at the top.

Then there is another option. Click on the sticker. After clicking on it, you can see a lot of stickers. You can slide upwards. There you will see a plus option. You can see when you have updated your Instagram. Then select your photo. What you have done before will appear on the screen, then click on the tax option given above, your keyboard will open there, choose your sloping line from there, then line up the photo and then click on the color option given to you above and Selecting color Select black color and click on the line.

Then press that line, click on select all, copy and paste the photo on the same way, take another line and paste it in the bottom side of the photo. Paste this way and make a black line around your photo, then in tax, after pasting that line, here we will take whiteline which you have to set below the black line This is how to whiteline past the bottom where the black line is done. In the same way whiteline should be pasted in the upper side of the black line below.

Then click on the i can with the snakes above, then click on the option of round given above, then set the length size in your own way, then you have to blacken that round, then click on the one you have lined up. You have to do three rounds then click on the slide then click on the option with the sticker then you have to search in it white circle there will make a white circle click on it then after clicking you also make a white circle around the one which you have black ground just like you On what has been black ground To use white circle.

Then open the sticker option again and search there. After searching the bat, you will find the sticker of flying birds which you like. You have to apply it on the photo. Then click on done. Click on the option with sticker again. If you slide a new post there, it will appear at the bottom. It is written that the new post gave ok on it and then click below your photo then click on send option below. You can upload the photo by clicking on it.

Second Story: – We will select a photo again. You can see above that there is a tax option. Clicking on it will open the keyboard in your phone. From there you have to use dot. The space left next to the dot will be color printed in such a way that after leaving the space, after three or four things, zoom in and enlarge it. Set in the upper half of the photo.

Then you copy and paste it on the photo and enlarge it. Then you have given the color option above. Click on the color you want to use. Then click on the sticker option and click on the plus option. Your gallery will open there. All you have to do is select the photo that you selected in the next process, then edit the photo, center it and click on it.

Then draw the line from the keyboard by clicking on the text option then click on the photo in the center of the photo so that the line goes back then select that line then copy and then on tax again and past the line you copied by copying the line. Set the background of the photo in the center of the background in the same way and again set the line below the photo. If you want the effect then click on the sticker option. Search there. White leave. You can use leave to give it OK in the side corner of the photo, it will look nice there Going back to the sticker option, if you like another sticker, you can select it and set it on your photo, then you can upload the photo by clicking on send.

Third Story: – Once we select a photo again, will we click on the snack option, then there will be another option at the top, the first option is the one with the bell, we will click on it, then select the color, then press for the background and then Hold and set that color, then click on the sticker option and click on the photo. There will be your gallery. Click on the photo that you used before. Then you can add it the way you want to edit the photo.

It gives you a lot of options that you can use to make your photo more expensive then you can also post a photo by clicking on send.


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