New Filters of Snapchat 2022


What is Snapchat ?

Snapchat is basically a messenger application but they have so many different features which makes it very enjoyable and makes it different from other messenger application. I have mentioned all defferent features of this application below, you can read and understand about this features and use it in your device.

What are the features of this application ?

The first and the most enjoyable feature is you can tap and make a story of you that where are you or what are you doing now and then send it to your friends and family. You can select whom you want to send it and they will see your snap and respond with their snapshot. With this you can see each other and stay connected without chatting with eachother. Also they count that how many days you send the snapshots to eachother continually. And you can compare it to your other friends. This is called your strick. Beacuase of this feature you share the snapshot everyday and stay connected to your loved ones.

The other feature is they have given a scan option in which you can scan anything you want. For example your pet , plant, any flower, any math problem and etc. They scan it and send it to the server of Snapchat and sometimes to other servers like, shazam. I like this feature most because you can solve a math problem also. It can be very useful feature for everyone. You can send this to your friends also.

They have a feature of creating short videos also it is called spotlight. You can enjoy watching videos of other people also. And if you want make your own video then you can make in this application and upload to the spotlight. So many people use this feature to express their feelings including celebrities. And also if you make nice videos than you can get famous through it and will get so many followers. You can also add your favourite spotlight videos to your collection and can watch them anytime directly from this list.

And the the other interesting feature is their filters, they have lots of different filters with different expression and cartoons and many more. You can put cat on on your face, you can add scary face on you, you can also change the background colour they have so many different backgrounds which you can use in different situations. And day by day they continue to add new filters. I can say you can say that you will never be able to use all the filters because their are so many of them.

They have location facility also in which you can find your location using map and see the area around you and other users whom have activated their location on this map. And you can send a friend request to them and start sending snaps to eachother.

They have a feature of save your favourite or some personal snapshot to the memories. So that you can watch them in the future and remember those memories. With this feature you can save so many personal memories without any hardwork and share them to your friends and family get back that time in your mind.

How to create account on Snapchat ?

To login first go to google play store and search for Snapchat. make sure to download it from google play store only.. After finding the right application click on the download button and wait for the application to be installed in your device.

After the installation open the application you will see two options one is login and other one is sign up. If you already have a acount on snapchat than click on the first option of login and you will get back your old account. But you are creating a new account than choose the option sign up.

After that you will see the welcome page of get started tap on the continue button to move forward than the application will ask permission to access your contacts to link it with this application. because of this you can see the people of your contact list in this application and you can add them to your friend list. Tap on allow button to continue with process.

After that in the next page you have to type your name and surname in the given space. and than you can read privacy policy of this application. After reading it tap on sign up and accept option to move forward. Than you have to select your birth date and click on continue button.

After this you will get a username of your account. You can change it by tapping on change the user name type any user name you want and click on continue button. Than you have to set a password for your account so that no one can access your account without your permission.

After this you have to enter your mobile number to link with this account and tap on continue. Than they will send otp to verify your mobile number and after this you will see the welcome page of Snapchat and than you will be all ready to explore the Snapchat.


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