How to use Zee News Application


First we go to the play store and download the zee news application. And then after install it. When you open the application then first you choose the language then after yo to to the next page. When next page is open then you give permission start video automatically. Then after application is start.

When you open the application then you show the first home page. When you choose the language is english then you show the all news is english. When you choose the hindi then all the news in hindi. It’s meaning you choose the language and application show that language.

When you open the zee news application then you show home page and most and important news are there. Then after you swipe a side. Then you see the so many option. Like photo, latest, India, cricket, Coronaviru, video, state, entertainment, sports etc.

It’s very subject vise division for the any person who want a specific read a news. When the any person who read a sports then the click a swipe a side and see the the specific option of the sports then the person click on the sports then after the watch a video and also read a news.

You have so many option then this application is very useful. It’s application is download and users are so many in India. When you can’t read any news then you can also watch a video and you have to knowledge any area in India.

When you want a see the photo the click on the photos options and see the photo and news also. When you see the latest news then click on the latest news and you see the news and read it.

When you need news of india then you see the home page and you can also read the India’s can also watch a video. It’s same all process when you any of the subject read the the cricket, coronaviru, state, entertainment etc.

You can see the home page of live tv. You can also touch it and open the live tv. When you any of the place you watch any of the news live then just open the zee news application and see the home page and click on tv. And watch the news.

You see the upper left side and it’s three line. When you touch on that three line then you go the profile. And see the so many option there. When you the many of the subject news, editing, profile editing etc. When you want a log in the zee news application then first the touch on the three line and you go to the next page and you see first the profile log in.

When you see the log in the profile the touch it and you go to the next page.And you have option log in with the google and log in with Facebook. Then you can also the choose you own option.

You edit your photo also in your profile. You can put your pic. You see the below so many option there. You see the option of night mod. When you read the news in night then you can also on the night mod. You can also change your text size. When you don’t see the word then you can also the create a big your text size. It’s application is very easy to run and you see the so many option and subject wise read and watch easily.

You can also the edit your stories, photo and video. When read the any of the news and you want save it then you click the favorite and save it. You watch any of the news video then you can also the save in favorite. It’s same process to add and save the stories and save it.

Zee news application is use large of people. It’s so useful application and it’s run to very easy. When you see the notification system the it’s system to very amazing. When you any particular subject notification is on then you do it. First you go to profile and and touch on the notification button. Then after you go to the next page and see the so many option and choose the who you want and on thais particular notification is on.

When you want a specific time notification is on then you can also the choose the time and selected subject and selected time you want a see the zee news notification. It’s application is very use to any of the employer and any of the business man also because the any of the person who seat on bus and any of the travelling then read and watch the video by zee news application.


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