How to use Tv9 app?


First you need to open google browser in your phone or open chrome browser. There are some applications that you can’t install from play store. If you can install it from google or chrome browser then here we will open chrome browser. In the search section that will open, you have searched for TV 9news. You can watch all kinds of news.

Then how can we watch online news there then how can I watch tv9 online?

:- Now, you can easily tune in to tv9 bharatvarsh online on ZEE5 for free. You can directly access the live news channel from anywhere without singing up. Whether you are watching the Hindi news channel from your home or a remote a destination, ZEE5 will ensure that you have a seamless streaming experience.

:- watch tv9 live TV channel streaming online in HD on zee5

Now you want to know who is the owner of TV Nine then Who owns tv9 network?

—> Owner :- Associated broadcasting company private limited (ABCPL) —> Key people :- Barun das ( CEO)

—> Sister :- Tv9 Bangle tv9 tengu tv9

—> channel :- Kannada tv9, Marathi tv9, Gujarati newsg live newsg plus moneyg

Then you can also watch Twinine News Live by opening its .You can see it by searching in Chrome browser. After searching, a page will open in Google Chrome. Click on the three lines at the top of it. It is written above. You can see the news of each state by clicking on the state option given below.Then you can see the news of the subject you want to see by clicking on it or you can also see it by searching.

Then there is the option of arrow next to three lines, there is an option to install the TV9 app, through which you can install the TV9 application, next to it there is an option like TV, you can watch live TV, after clicking on it you can go live in it. You can watch news in it, you can do live video and related show of life photo news, then in last you have given the option of ball.If you click on it, you will not read the news that is in prending, it will be shown there. There are three dots options on it. You can click on it. You can see many options there.

Click on the share button next to it. There you are asked for permission. In it you have to click on allow. After clicking on allow you will get a notification in your phone which will say thank you for subscribing us. Then when you see live news you can easily watch it on tv9 website.

Now if you want to install this tv9 app in your phone then you have to open play store in your phone then search in search section or tv nine apps there you have to install that app opening after installing the app.

Then a page will open on your screen. Homepage When you also touch the profile, you will see a lot of options. Next to it, you can see the TV mark. You can watch the video of any news by clicking on it. To login you have to enter your email id or mobile number then you have to click on continue.

When you open the homepage, you will see the top news of TV9. When you scroll down, you will see all the news. When you want to know more about any news, I will click on that news. When you do, you will automatically go to the next page.

When the tv9 app is installed in your phone, you will see any daily news news notification by swiping from above and the news that you find interesting or if you click on the news that you want to see, its news will open. And get more information.

When you open tv9 you can see the news of the increase in headlines below the news. Next to the headlines you can also see the date and time of the day. If you open the app you will see top news at startup then when you scroll down there will be an automatic new news show. This way you can use tv9 app or you can also look and read news through its website.


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