How to Use Telegram Application


First you have to open the play store in your phone then type telegram in the search section then you have to install it then there will be an open icon then click on it then the screen also appears you have given the option of start messaging then click on it then you open telegram Permission is asked to do this. After you keep clicking on allow, you have to enter your mobile number. The number you are using should be on.Then click on the arrow option given in the bottom side.

Then an interface will appear on the screen which is phone number verification. Your number will be verified. Then there is your name to be processed. You have to write the surname. On the side you have given the option to put a photo. After clicking on it, your phone’s gallery will open. From there you have to select the photo you want to put. Then you have given the arrow option. Will go through the process then will give you an option in which you will be asked permission after you click on Continue.In which you can use the click on allow then you will become an account in Telegram.

Then first open the telegram and click on the 3 lines option given above in the right side. You can also field your profile photo from there.You can also change from there. Below that is given the option of username in which you have to write your nickname in short form. Anyone can find you by username then there is option of new group from which you can create group by clicking on group icon. After clicking do, you can add whatever number you want to add to the group in your phone. In this you can add maximum two lakh members.

After adding to the group, click on the arrow option given below, then there is a photo section next to it to give you any name in the group. You can also put Dp in the group. Click on arrow, then click on three lines. From the given option you can see each of your friends that you have added in the phone where you have given the option of invite friend above you can invite new friend.

Click on the “Find People Near Buy” option below to keep the location on so that you can find whatever your near by people are.In it you will see everything around you in your circle of friends.

Then clicking on the three lines again, you can see the call option on the third number, you can see all the history by opening it. You can add any of your photos in it as you can use it. It will be saved as a file. If you want to view that file anytime, then open the telegram. At the top will come the option of message. You can create and add as many files as you want, then go back.

Then click on the three lines again. There is a setting option. By clicking on it you can set everything from it. Suppose your phone is giving a notification. If you want to keep it off then there is an on off button. After giving the privacy setting option, you will get the option of block in which you can block or unblock someone from there. In this system you can also turn off when you were online in Last Last. No one will show your last seen in someone’s phone in such a way that you will get a lot of settings then go back.

Then click on three lines again in which if you touch next to the profile then there is an ad account option. You can access more than one account. Then you can open a telegram. Below is the cigarette chat option. If I want to chat with a special person, where you can do it, the private conversations you have will be locked.Then click on the new channel option given below then it will be written there what channel is below it click on Create channel then you have to field the name of your channel then above it is given the option of OK there.

Then an interface will appear on the screen in which you want to keep your channel public or private. If you click in it, if you keep it in public, you can easily search in google. Then there is a search icon on any of your websedes or whether you want to download or watch a Hindi movie. You can easily search by clicking on any channel and download. You can also show how many MB movie it is.


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