How to Use Sandesh News Application?


First you have to look in google browser or chrome browser in phone then you have to open it then here we have to learn from chrome browser then open google chrome browser then after opening a page will open there search in google or message e-paper then Click on go and then there will be a link at the top of the message.

When you open the link, your phone screen will also come in an interface in which you can see all kinds of message newspapers of every city, then you will get an idea of ​​how you can read that paper. If we read Surat City’s paper here, pepper of every language of Surat City will appear on the screen. The first click on the paper will open the pepper. You have to make it big So for that you can read the newspaper by zooming in the way you see by zooming the photo with two fingers of your hand. This will make the letter of the newspaper look bigger and cleaner.

Now here you have read the front page of the newspaper and now you have to go to its second page, for this you have the option of arrows on both sides on the display of your phone. The arrow on the right side will take you to another page. You have to click on the arrow on the right side then page number 2 will open. It is also written above by zooming in.

If you do not want to use the arrow on the left and right side and want to change the page directly, then click on the page tag option given above. Click on the number that you want to read news pepper. Suppose there is some good news on your number 10 page that you want to read. You can easily view that page directly and we can read the daily newspaper.

Now if you don’t have old paper and you want to read old paper, there is a good advertisement in it and it is not found, lost or torn, then there is a trick for it. Click on the icon given by us. You have to type the date of the newspaper you want to read. For example, here we want to read the news paper of 1st December. If there is a calendar option next to it, click on it. If you want to read a December, then you have to click on the month.Clicking on December is followed by the date of the newspaper you want to read. Click on the date. After clicking, a December newspaper will appear on your phone screen. You can read it comfortably.

Then if you want to download that news paper then click on the download option next to the date icon. After clicking on it the paper will be downloaded then after the process is completed it will be written on the screen i am not a robot tick mark then submit below The option is given there it will be submitted there then the paper is being downloaded after a while the paper may have come to your phone but as a pdf file you can see the pepper in your phone offline.

Then you can also watch message news through TV. If you have GTPL set top box then you have to add message news channel. You can watch news from all over the world. And even if you have dishtv, you can still watch the message news or you can open the you tube in your phone and watch the news in it. Are

Then you have to open Sandesh News website in your phone. After opening it you can search and see all kinds of news.

In google you can search its website and when the website opens you can see direct news from there you will see in home page Gujarat, India, World, Entertainment etc then you can see news on any subject when you see related news from Gujarat. You can see the news of Gujarat by clicking on Gujarat, then you can see the news of India by clicking on India, just like you can see the news of the world.

On the home page you can see the search option on the right. There you can see the news of the topic you have clicked. When you click on the search button you will see many options below. For example PM Modi, Sandesh, Ahmedabad etc You can see the running news in there you can see below photo, video, news.etc

home page When you touch the profile you will see a lot of options next to it you can see the TV mark there you can click there you can watch any news video by touching the profile you can also login from there you can login You have to enter the email ID or mobile number then you have to click on Continue.

You see top news when you are on the homepage. When you scroll down you will see all the news. When you want to know more about a news you can click on it to get more information Automatically you will be able to go to the next page and read the news.


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