How to use GSRTC App ?


First we go to play store and download the GSRTC application. Then after install it. Full form of GSRTC is Gujarat state road transport corporation. When GSRTC application is install then after open it.

When you open the GSRTC app then you choose first language. Then after you to next page. And you see home page. You show so many option in this application. Like advance booking, Cancellation, itineraries, current booking, track bus and time table.

When you want booking of bus then you click on advance booking then after you go to next page. And you fill details totally. You show written from and to. First you written pick point and below you show so many option then you touch it. You serch name and touch it. You don’t written just touch it.

Below you show option of touch ‘to’ then touch it it’s point is your destination point. Then be care fully you written and you show below option and touch it.

Then after you select date. And how many children and how many ladies are in there. Then after you touch on search button. And you go to the next page. And you show the time table of bus. And you show so many bus time table of bus like express, gurjarnagri, sleeper etc. You choose what you want.

You show how many rupee of tickets and time place. When you choose the sleeper then you choose the p15 and when you want choose the seat then you choose the p30.

When you touch on time table of bus then you go to next page. And you show the booked seats, available seats, available ladies seats etc. When you show the white colour seats then it’s seats are not booked any person. You can select it and book it.

When you choose the white color seats then you go to the next page and see the so many details and fill it. First you fill the passenger name then after type of zender and then after you fill your age. When this details are fill then you show the details more below you. Then after you put your mail id. And then after you put your mobile number. After put the mobile number then you click on confirm booking. Then after you go to next page and see the how many charge pay you and go to the paygiv button.

Then after you go to the next page and see the button of continue and click it. Then after you show the so many option it’s option is methods of payment you can choose it.

You have option of credit card, debit card, upi and net banking. Like you choose the credit card option then then you fill the credit card number and credit expiry date. Card nane and cvv number also. When you show the all detait then you click button of pay.

When you click on pay button then after you receive the otp by bank. You put the otp and submit it the process. And you show the your booking is confirmed. And how many charge is cut from your bank account. And you receive the sms and show you detaist. Time, bus number, pick point, destination poin details etc. You show this massage to tickets conductor. And it’s approve it.

You can also cancel ticket By this GSRTC have so many function. You also check refund status. You can also check the nearby location.

You renew you your bus pass. When your bus paas id expired then you can also renew. When you don’t have any buss pass then you can extract new pass. You can chek faqs. You can check application status.

You can also chek your check the location of bus. You can track the bus. But first you fill up the details and then after you can track the bus. You show currently booking. When you show your current booking then you can fill up the details. Like pick point and destination point this details are fill up and you can check the details of current booking.

You can also the hire a bus by this app and this application is very useful for customer. When you required a hire a bus then fill the details. First open the option of hire a bus then after you fill up the pick point, via place, destination poin, time and date etc. Details are fill up then after Click on the continue button.

You can also give your feedback in this GSRTC application. It’s very use to save the time and track the bus and you can also the book the advance planning by this application. You can before 60 days book the tickets. This advance tickets are so use full for customer. Customer can also cancel the tickets.


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