How to Use Dailyhunt app?


First you have to open the Play Store in your phone then type daily hunt in the search section then download and install the app like you install and open the dailyhunt app then an interface will appear on your screen in which you can see that you have a lot of articles. Let me tell you that this app is related to news. If you want to know more and more updates in this app, you can know the daily update of any news of any field, be it Bollywood, you can know the daily update and login.

When you open the dailyhunt app, first you will come to an interface in which you will have the option to change the language, you can choose whatever language you want to have, then a screen will open in which you will see many articles. If you click on it, the article will start. There you will be given two options. One is you will see the article big thimble and the other option is you will see the article in small thimble. You can select the UI as you see fit.

At the top you can see that there is a category line and you can see articles of different categories. It has almost all the news channel covers. It has as many Bollywood related channels as it covers here. app is available dailyhunt app has a lot of information that you can see you are interested in whatever category you select in which you want to update.

For example if you are interested in cricket then clicking on the game you can see all the articles about cricket in it you can read which is included in it you can also watch live match in it there is also video of cricket then there is about new cricket update This way you can get all the information through the Daily Hunt app.

Then there is the option of 3 lines at the top. Clicking on it. At the bottom you are given the option (1) Home (2) Video (3) Follow-up. The most followed is the news channel that you follow, you have to select it where you see it, then you have given the follow option on that channel, you have to click on follow, then you will get the update, then you have followed. Its notification will come to your phone.

Then how you can read his article then click on the topic on which you want to read the article then the whole page of that topic will open in which you can see each article you can read all the information about it by slowly swiping down Can get.Then it gives you the option to like and comment. In the video or article you like, you can like it. You can click on the like button and you can also comment on it. Next to the like button, there is a comment option. You can comment on the article by clicking on the comment box.

Then you have the option of whatsapp. If you want to share the article, you can do it through WhatsApp. If you click on whatsapp, your direct whatsapp will open. There will be a send to option. If you give okay in it, any video that comes in dailyhunt will play automatically.This means that you do not need to open the video and if you want to turn off autoplay, click on three lines. At the bottom there is a setting option. Clicking on it gives you auto play option. Clicking on it gives you three options. From there you go to the bank after clicking on last no autoplay or click on wifi connection.

Then there is the option of night mode. Your screen will turn black. If you want to turn on night mode, you can do it from there. If you see the phone at night, white screen. There is an option to block if you don’t like a video and even if that video notification comes up again and again, you can block it. There is a language option below. If you want to change the language, you can change it there.

There are 5 options in the line below. The first of these is the home option. We have understood everything about it. The second option is the video. In it you can watch all the videos that you have followed or not followed. If you swipe hand or left hand, next article and next video will come.

Then click on which TV’s option has been given, then a page like TV will open in which you can watch the video, then next to it you have given the option of star, it is the favorite option in which you have followed whatever you followed here again. The last option is notification which will show you some news based on your experience. You can see it by clicking.


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