How to use Anyror Website ?


What is Anyror ?

It is website designed by government of Gujarat. You can use this application in free of cost. You will get records of any land in gujarat. For example who is the owner of the land, What type of land is this, How much square feet this land aquares, etc. So you can check this details before buying or selling any land and no-one can fraud you.

How to use it ?

To use anyror website first you have to open the search engine in your device and type in the search bar. When you find the right application tap on that web link to enter the website. To get the better experience try to open it in computer or laptop. After opening the link it will take you to the home page of this site. They have many options in this page I will explain them in the following paragraphs.

In this page you can see the different menu options and forms available. To see the records of a land click on the option view land record given in the middle of this page. when you enter this option it will open a new tab where you will see so many different types of information options available. You have to decide which one you want to see.

First is VF7 form in this you will find all the details of survey number. This form is also known as 7/12 form and this form is very important in many applications to the government related to the land.

Than you have VF8A form in this you will find the details according to the khata number of the land you want to see. You will see the khata number of this land and on the basis of this number you can find how many people have the ownership of this land.

Next is VF6 form. The government servants (talati) improvise the day to day details of any land if their any changes. And all this day to day changes you can see in this form. So you do not miss any updated record of any land. You have a another option is also available to find old changes of any land in old scanned VF6 form. They have separated this old and new changes so that any small detail of change can not be missed.

Than you have 135 D form. In this form you will find the mutation details. When you buy or sell any land you have to make some changes in this it is called mutation. For that talati will send notice to buyer and seller and ask for their objection, if they have any problem with this mutation they can stop this deal. Because of this no-one can buy any plot without the permission of seller. This will stop so many frauds. You will find the details of this mutation notice here.

Next you have a option where you can find your New survey number. Last year government have changed all survey numbers for some safety reasons and to update the server of the government sites. Because of this so many people do not know their new survey number and to solve this problem government have given this option to find your new survey number on the basis of your old servey number.

How to see 7/12 records of any land ?

To see the details from survey number select the VF7 option from the top. After that you have to select some basic information of your land boxes given in the down side of this page. First you have to choose the district where your land is. Than your taluka and village your land belongs to ( do not select your address it is for your land you want to get details of). And than the survey number of the land you want to find the details. And enter the capcha number to confirm that you are no a robot and tap on the option get details to find the land details.

In the next page you will see the all details of this land. You can see the total square feet of this land in hector so you can check this and confirm the area. They have written the estimate amount of this land according to the government it can be lower than the market price. Than you have the ownership details also. The name of the owner or if they are more than one owner of the land then all the names of the owners will be written here. So that you can know who owns this land or your name is there or not.

Than you have the other details also like, If any loan have taken on the basis of this land than you will see the details of it written here, You can also see that which type of land is this for example agriculture, commercial, etc. With the same procedure you can find the different information in other forms according to your need.


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