How to Transfer Mobile Data to Pen Drive with OTG cable?


Whenever you have any storage external storage in your phone just like the one you connect to your phone, its option will be highlighted.

First you have to go to settings in the phone. After setting you can see the storage & usb option then click on it and after clicking on it you can see the storage in your phone on the screen (1) internal storage (2) system reserved only these two Storage When we have not connected the pen drive two storage will appear on the screen.

As you connect your pen drive, it will show how many GB your pen drive is. First, connect your OTG. Like you connect your OTG cable, then there will be two options. Connected will then back up your name.

Then open the file manager application in your phone. Filemanager You can see that the internal storage.It will show the pen drive you have connected.If your pen drive is empty then after touching it the internal storage will show empty then data of your mobile will have to be transferred to pen drive then go to internal storage then tap and hold on any single file to transfer any data to mobile.

Hold your finger on the file for two seconds then the following option will appear. Copy Cut Share Delete You have to select whether you want to cut or copy there. If you want to paste the name of your pen drive will be shown on the screen then click on it.If doing OK does not mean past, then after OK, check the data in your pen drive and also your name in it, then your data in name file will come down.

Maybe if your data is not copied to the pen drive then first we need to take any file then copy it again after clicking on your pen drive then if the data is not copied then at the top right side plus option is given. You have to create a new folder in the create new account.

There we have to name my data or create a new folder then give OK then your data will be transferred to my data then your data will be copied this way then here you see how we can transfer our mobile data.

Now we will see how we can transfer data from pen drive to mobile. There we will click on our name file. If you want to copy and paste the copied data then it will be written there prives folder, current folder, internal storage. Touch or add the option of plus in the upper right side and create a new file as a creat new account.

In it you have to type pen drive then give ok then after ok you can easily find if your pendrive has option search and that data was in your pendrive now it will also be in your mobile.

Then if you want to check, first open the file manager then in the internal storage the folder you created will be seen at the top of the pen drive and after clicking on it you can see the file will be in it.

This way you can transfer data from your mobile to your pen drive via OTG cable and if there is any data in your pen drive not pdf file movie songs or any data then you can access your mobile there transfer you can.

And if you want to delete the pen drive, you can’t delete it directly. For that, first you have to go to settings, then go to settings, then click on storage & USB, after opening it, a file with your name will appear below.An arrow option will appear next to it. Click on it. After clicking there, there will be an option that you can reject pen drive.

So this way you can transfer data from mobile to pen drive and data from pen drive to mobile very easily.


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