How to See Deleted Message in Whatsapp ?


What is WhatsApp ?

WhatsApp is a messenger app in which you can chat with your family, friends and anyone you want. They give other facilities also like, they have voice call and video call option in this application so you can see the person through this application. In this video call facility you can call more than one person also. For example you want to call all your friends than you can group call them and in a single touch you all will connected with each other.

The other main feature is you can put the status in this application. This status will be shown to all your friends and family so they can know where are you and how you are doing. In this feature they have provided so many filters and emojis so that you can express your feelings to other. You can select any pictures or videos from your gallery or you can click live picture also to upload the status. You can also choose if you want someone to not see your status or a specific person you want to show your status.

In the last update they have add a very important feature which is payment option. They have added a payment option so you can send money to anyone and receive money from anyone from anywhere from your friend or family. This payment system is completely safe you just have to activate this facility and you can use it anytime.

Also you can make groups in this application with your friends or family and chat with them together. This feature is very useful for everyone because you do not have to massage everyone personally you can just share it in the group you want to and all the members of the group can see that message.

In the message facility they have add a very nice feature of deleting it. You can send a message and the message is wrong or you have send it to someone else than you can delete this message from everyone device. But you have to do it before half hour after that this feature will not work.

How to see deleted messages from WhatsApp ?

In the New update of WhatsApp we can delete the message we have sent and if someone deletes the message after sending we start to think what he or she have deleted. It is very easy to see those messages in your device just follow the steps I have given below.

First you have to check that your WhatsApp is up to date or not. If not then update your WhatsApp first because this trick does not work in old version of WhatsApp. After updating it go to home screen of your phone and open the settings of your device. Before that you can check that you can not see deleted messages directly.

After checking that you are not able to see those messages now. Open the settings and search for the option apps and notification and open that option in your divice. In this you will see different options but you have to select the option notification again. After that the next page will open where you can see that you can enable apps notification and also turn of any specific applications notification so you do not get disturbed.

But if you scroll down you will see a option for advanced settings tap that option and so many advance settings option will be shown in your device. where you can hide any notification or do not disturb option and many other useful options you can apply in your regular use .

But you will see they have given a option of notification history. Just click on that option and in the next page you have to turn on this option by clicking on it. After turning it on you can see the deleted messages from last twenty four hours. You can check this by your self that this trick works or not. There are other ways also to see deleted messages of WhatsApp but in those options you have to download an another application to save your notification history. But in this you do not have to do that this feature is available in all phones now.

What is the difference between WhatsApp and other messenger applications ?

There are so many differences in WhatsApp and other apps. The first and most important one is security. In WhatsApp you can trust that your data is safe and not compromised with anyone. Every message you sent go through a encrypted process so that no one can see those messages or share them to any other person.

The other important difference is WhatsApp take care of their customers and give response to their feedback. They improve themselves time by time and try to add new features as per their customers need. For example they have added a new feature of payment in which you can send or receive money from anyone. In this cashless society it is a very useful feature.

Beside of this they have group video call facility, voice call, voice chat and many other facilities which can be differentiate WhatsApp from other messenger applications.


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