How to Redeem Coupon on Google Pay?


First of all you want a coupon on google pay application, before that you have to download the application google pay.

We go to play store and download the google pay application. You can also download the google play app by taking the link of google pay app from someone else. Then after you can also touch the link on YouTube. You show link on description box on YouTube. When you tuber put the link his video then after you show the link. When any you tuber don’t put up the link then you don’t show the link.

When you download the the link then after you install that app. Then after open it. Then after you put your mobile number in page which you show.Be careful when you put your mobile number, The mobile number that will be linked to your bank will be the same mobile put. A bank account cannot be created when you enter another number. When you put the mobile number then you click on next button.

The google play app will then automatically detect your Gmail ID. When you want to change that Gmail ID, touch it and you can change it from there. When you want change your gmail id then touch on gmail id and you show various gmail id if you have to. Then after you change your gmail id. Then after you click on accept and continue then after you go next page.

Then after next page you show put the otp and you otp by text msg and otp is also auto detect in this Google pay application. When otp is not fill automatically then you put menually.

Then after you go on next page and you show the screen lock and pin lock. If you choose the screen lock then touch on screen lock and if you choose the pin lock then touch it. Then after you click on continue button. And go to next page.

And show the black screen for your security and you drawn your security password. Then you show the home page of google pay application.

Then after first you have to link your bank account. If you don’t this process then you can’t the any transaction on thi application. When you scroll the home page of google then you show below the view account balance. Then after you touch on it and go to the next page and you show the many option of banks.

You can search the your bank name anyone who has an account with your bank and linked. Then after you give permission.

How to Redeem Coupon?

First you open the google pay application then after scroll down and you see the rewards. Then after open it and you see coupon. First you touch on coupon then after you see details of coupon. You see the code and touch it and copy it. When you copy the code then after you see below the redeem now. When you copy the code then after touch on redeem now and you go on next page.

You have the code this code is enter the next page you see the enter the code. When you enter the code then after click on next button amd you go next page automatically.

Then after you see the many option 12 months, 3 months, 1 month etc. For example you have coupon for 2 months of you tube subscription then you can also see the 2 month plan. Then touch on free trial and you on next page. But be care full of plan because you don’t close the plan before the 2 month the your money will be automatically cut and next plan is automatically active. So you buy the any plans then be care fully.

When you touch on free trial then after you go on next page and the after you the payment method. You have so many option. You link the credit card or debit cars. When you enter the any card then have to enter the card number.

When your card is linked then after you scroll down and see the buy then after touch it. You see also the uper right side how many charge will be cut from your account. When your money is cut from your account then you also enter your password. When you don’t take the password then you can’t buy the plan.

When you click on buy then you go next page and you see the your charge is 20 rs then you have to pay the charge. When you pay the charge then you have to opt then enter the otp.

When your payment is done then you see the your process is done. You will receive the mail who mail id you linked.


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