How to Recharge From Airtel Thanks Application?


First you go to paly store and serch the airtel thanks app. Then after you download the application and then after install it. When you open the airtel thanks application then you show frist below the option of let’s start then click on it.

When you click on let’s start button then after you go automatically next page then after you choose the sim one or sim two after selected the sim then after you clin on proceed button. Then you go next page and you enter your mobile number after put your mobile number then after you click on send otp button.

After the click on send otp button otp will recive your mobile and automatically put the opt. The. After the you have show many option for language and any language you comfortable then you can choose it. Then after you touch the button of next. And go to the next page.

Then after you choose your interest you have option like music, food, travel etc. You skip this option and you choose the option choice is yours. Then after yoc click on next button and you go next page and you show the review your upi id and below the get started. You can also show the upar right side not now option then you click on it and skip this option.

Then after application is open but before the application is open you click on allow option is two time. Then after finally airtel thanks application is open.

When application is open then you show the show many function and facilities are in this application.

You show your date for how many days left. And specific day to day date you can also see in this airtel thanks application home page.

You show notifications on airtel thanks application. Then after you show side i con like head phone you can touch it and go to the next page and you see the hello how can we help. If you have any problem then you can written this page and this company is to give solution of problem.

You also see the below option of change account. If you want change your account then you click on the chance account and you can change account.

You show below the top queries and you have so many option. You show then after browse help topics you can touch it and you go on next page and see the many function thare.
Like date and net work, my account, app queries etc. If you query of data and network then touch it and you go to next page and you also complaint it. If you have to problem of service activation and deactivation then touch it and compliant it.

You show below the my account you can touch it and show the many option. You can check the your last five history. You can check the recharge done still not reflecthing on my account. You can check last five deduction also. And you have so many option and facilities are thare.

You can see last function of other you can touch it and you check the puk number, vol-vo-wifi compatibility. You can enquiry of mnp airtel to airtel etc. You have to many option for checking any of the problem.

You show the home page oh get 40 rs cash back you can touch it and make a account and get discount. When you make account then you fill up the your name, last name, dob, email, pin code, I’d proof and also mobile number put the details.then after click on continue.

You show home page option of recharge you touch on it and you show so many offers and options there. You can do the recharge of mobile, dth etc. You show the option of repeat recharge. When you required to repeat recharge then touch on the repeat recharge and do this.

You show the show many option there extra data, extra cash back etc. Yoh have many plan option and you choose the plan. If you want a only extra data then you can also do the recharge only extra data.

You show home page of application of my coupons you can touch it and you show your coupon. You can also get cash back by coupon and so many offers by this offers by company. This offers make more customer by company and also customer have to get gain by this coupon.

You show so many function of home page airtel thanks application. Like 4g data pack, view offers, netc fast tag, electricity bill, safe pay, prepaid to post paid, spin to win raom abroad, get wallet etc.

You can buy fast tag for cars. You can pay the electricity bill. When you want to pay the electricity bill then touch it and you go to the next page. And see the choose the state when you choose the state then after you show many company who provide electricity. And you can select the who you use to electricity.

This application is very useful for airtel company customer and get many offers and cash back.


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