How to Post on Instagram?


First you have to open the Play Store then type Instagram on the search screen then from there you can easily download Instagram. After downloading open instagram it will bring up an interface on your screen there are two options below you are given the option to login from facebook So you don’t have to login to Facebook. This will cause you problems in logging in. Click on sing up below.

After clicking, there will be an option to connect facebook again. Below this is another option. Sing up email id or phone number. You can also sing up with your email id and also sing up with your phone number. I will use the process phone number and e-mail id option will come there you have to add your phone number before adding the phone number there is an option to select the country next to it you have to do it if you live in any country.After entering the phone number, click on the next option given below.

After clicking you will go to next page where new page will open where you have to enter confirmation code which will be your phone number then you have to enter then click on next button at the bottom then after clicking there you will see the interface in it. You can type any name you want in your Instagram, first you have to put the phone, you have to put the password under it, you have to add strong password in it so that Instagram account cannot be hacked, you have to mix both letter and number and enter the password.

Then click on Continue and Contact below then allow and dany will be two options in which click on your allow which will allow all the permissions then you have to write your date of birth.You can add it, then give OK to next, then you will get your username, then you can change the user by clicking there, then give next, then on your screen, there will be an option to sing up, then click on it, then re-connect to facebook option. All you have to do is click on the skip.

Then add profile photo option will come there you can add any photo there you are given three options in it click on your choose from gallery and choose photo from your phone gallery then click on allow and set photo then left side up Click on the arrow in then give Next then your Instagram account will be opened then you can click on your profile at the bottom of the side from where you can change your username profile photo.You can also write a bio on your website.

Now we will know how to post on Instagram. First you have to open instagram, after opening it there will be an option with center plus, touch it, touch it, your phone’s gallery will open, then you have to select photo, after selecting you zoom out zoom out. You can also edit your photo. You can edit your photo as you like. You can also use filters.You can change the filter. After editing, you can adjust the photo. You can also set the brightness. You can also increase or decrease the stucher. You can also change the color.

Then give next, then write a caption, then you can do whatever you want to type about the photo, then if you want to tag anyone, like, if you want to tag your friend, I can do it from there, then add location will come. If you want to share a live location or location in it, you can do it from there, then click on the share option given above, this is how you can post a photo on Instagram.

First open Instagram then you will see the plus icon then click on it then the gallery will open in your phone then click on the video you want to upload then the video will come on the screen if you want to watch the video in full size If you touch the option given then the video will come in full size then click on the arrow option given above then if you want to turn off your video sound then click on the sound button given above there to make the sound of your video. Will be closed.

Then if you want to use any filter on that video, you can. You can see all the filters that you like. Touch on whatever you like. Then below you are given the option of them. You can cover the video by clicking on the arrow then click on the arrow above then you can write whatever you want to write about the video on the write a caption then after clicking on the tic option given to you above Your video will start uploading. When the video is uploaded, there will be written up finishing. If the video you wanted to upload has been uploaded, this is how you can post it on Instagram.


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