How to Order Food from Zomato


First you go on paly store then after search Zomato app and download it. Then after you have install. Then after you open it then you put your mobile number and click on send otp button. You also log in with Facebook and google.

When you put your mobile number and click on send otp then after next page will be open and require otp then you will put the otp and go to next page. In the next page you fill up your personal details like your name and your email is. Then after you click on continue button.

Then after next page will be open and you show the use current location then click on this button because Zomato app detective your current location and food delaver that place. When you allow your current location then Zomato also known your location when your location is on. And you also known around your restaurant. Then after you go to Zomato app home page.

You can search any food from home page on Zomato app and order. First you search any food and then show you on your display then after you touch on it. Then after next page show you how long will it take. And it’s time also around. Then after you can see also name of restaurant.

Then after you will show on next page you can select before option this page you can according show you hotel also. When you order pizza then you can also order. You select indian food then you will show definitely Indian food on hone page.

You see also how many ratings have been received that restaurant. You can also show as how many peoples are review thare restaurant. And you can also check that restaurant is ecxtly which place.

You can also track you food who food order by you. And how many time are laps you can show in Zomato app. And when any restaurant open you then you can check how many far are thare your current location and and how many decis are thare restaurant and what is ecxtly price. When you can order food then you show it’s price.

When you ordder any food then you click on it and show you it’s price and how much required you like half, full etc. You can add like 2,3 etc. You can also show this page it’s price.

Then after you have to click on add button then after next page will ne open and you show view cart button.

And you have to add food than you have to touch food who you have to eat add also add it. When you click on view cart button then after next page will be open and you can check your offers then you have to click on offers button and go to next page and then after you show so many coupon are thare. You have to click on it what is required by your food order and price.

When you order first time then adress will required. When you touch on view cart then next page will ask your adress then you put it. When you adress put then you be careful you society name, block number and also house number are right are thare. When it’s wrong then both are in trouble once food delaver boy and who is order food. That reason be carefully when you put your adress in Zomato app.

Next process will ask you payment metho it’s your last process. When you click on add a payment method then you will go on next page and show of the show many option you can any option choose are thare.

You have to option like credit card, debit card and also atm card it’s only play by cards. You show below in upi paytm upi, google Pay etc etc. You also show below wallets paytm, mobikwik etc. And also net banking. You can also pay through by cash. When you choose the cash option the click on it. You show cash on delivery.

When you order late night then you can’t see cash on delivery option. Then you payment by online. Then after you click on place order button then your order will be placed.

So many benefit to customer by Zomato app because any of the any of the person order to Zomato app. And any of the location you can order any food. It’s log in and sign in process very easy. You get discount on this app is very benefit for customer.


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