How to Order Food from Swiggy


First you go play store and download the swiggy than after you instal the swiggy app. Then after you open that. Then after you see set delivery location that set your location according. Then after swiggy app you will show you around restaurant. Then after you click on allow button. Because this allow is for your location access.

Then after you add your society name, block number, flat number and also house number. You skip this option but you given than definitely food delaver to meet you. Then after you click on save as home when you order at home. Then after you see below save and proceed then click this.

Then after you go on next page and see swiggy app home page. Then after you can order this page also. You see also hotel how many around you.

When you clickc on home page any hotel then you see hotel’s menu. And also show you how much discount. How many items thare for eat in hotel is also show you. So many hotel show you and you are also show you menu’s and it’s price. You see also and also eat veg and nov veg food thare.

You show filter in swiggy application on home page and then you can also touch there.

Then after you in next page you have many option there like relvence, cost for two, delivery etc etc. Then after you touch below on apply. Then after you see offers and pure veg. Then after you touch on apply. You Will go on next page you see American, bakery, bangali, Indian, ice cream, Italian, desserts etc etc. Then after you touch on apply button.

Then after you will show on next page you can select before option this page you can according show you hotel also. When you order pizza then you can also order. You select indian food then you will show definitely Indian food on hone page.

When you order through swiggy app then you have something keep in mid you are pure vegetarian then you click on veg only then after you see only vegetarian food and vegetarian hotel also. When you order vegetarian and also non vegetarian then didn’t click on only veg because you can’t see non vegetarian food and hotel.

When you something order by swiggy then you see so many hotel and as you like you touch thare and you will go next page and show you food. You click any food and you also apply coupon code.

When you touch any food then you can also select and order how much decis. Then after you see price of food and you have to touch view cart. Then after you will show in next page bill and coupon apply. When you apply coupon code then touch on apply coupon code and then after you go on next page. When you order first time then you will get 50 per cent discount.

Then touch apply coupon code then after you didn’t give your mobile number then put your mobile number then after click on continue button. Then after show text massage also. Then after you put your mail id then after you put your name then after you put password from swiggy app. Then after you have to touch on sign up then you will go next page and you see verify details. Then text massage will come to your mobile is that otp and automatic verify and proceed.

Then after you will go on next page and show proceed to pay and all details. You have to click on proceed to pay. Then you will so many option you pay any option there. You show to Amazon pay, phone pe, paytm, mobikwik, cash. When you pay to by cash then after you have to touch on cash and then after again touch pay with cash. Then you show on next page your order is Successfully. And also inform by text massage.

You will also show your order is now where is and this process is very benifit for customer. You will also track your order and how much time will come . When you have to track order then come to home page and touch on account then after you will show active order section and track order, when you touch track order then after show you map and also time. When your food is make then you will also show you in this swiggy application.

So many benefit to customer by swiggy app because any of the any of the person order to swiggy app. And any of the location you can order any food. It’s log in and sign in process very easy. You can Also cancel the order. You can cancel the order when your plan will be change. You get discount on this app is very benefit for customer.


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