How to Link Aadhar Card With PAN Card


First you have to open Google in your phone then search income in the search section above there a page will open on your screen then scroll down there you will see many links in it below there is an option to click on the support link. You can see that some notifications given to you by the government will tell you that then below you will be told that some do not need card riling such as NRI, Not Indian Citizen above 80 years and people of Assam, Jammu and Kashmir do not have PAN card. There is no need to link them.

Over the last few month there has been an aggressive campaign by the government urging individual to link Aadhar card to PAN card online. While the deadlines for the same have been shifted considering the size of the task entailed, the actual linking will be mandatory from are two things that you need to understand, firstly, how to link Aadhar card to PAN card online?

The process to link your Aadhar card to PAN card is entirely internet driven and the starting point will be to create a login and password to follow…….. The starting point to link your PAN card with Aadhar card is to login into the tax portal ( using your PAN card number as user name and a unique password in case you are not yet registerd on the income tax website, you will have to first register your self before going ahead with the linking.

Once you login and enter the secured are of your income tax portal, there will be a dedicated section for you to link your Aadhar card with PAN card. The entire verification happens online and there is no physical paper involvement at all.

The requirement is that your name in the Aadhar card should exactly match with your name in the PAN card in case that is not the case them there could be problems linking your Aadhar card and your PAN card online.

For PAN card to Aadhar card link you have to go to its website and link invoice number itns 280 and you will get time in four to five days. Then below you have to add PAN card number. There you will find the payment details will be shown. You have to click on the Continue Pay Product (NSOL) portal at the bottom. Then the next page will open. There will be an e-Payment of taxes page.Click on Income Tax and Corporation Tax 280 at the top.

To over the problem of name mismatch (which is quite common) there is a new facility available in case mismatch in name due to use of initials, you can still look the two documents thought common date of birth and a common mobile number. The department sends an OTP code of confirmation and based on that the Aadhar card can be linked to PAN card in facts, now the facility to link these two documents purely by SMS is also available.

● Benefits of linking Aadhar with PAN

:- will the process of linking Aadhar with PAN may appear to be a purely legal obligation, there are benefits of this linking for the government and for individual tax payers. Let us look a the key benefits from linking Aadhar with PAN.

● Benefits of linking from the government standpoint…..

For the government, linking the Aadhar card with the PAN card offers an audit trail. Now Aadhar card is a must for almost all transactions and the linkage provides a complete activity trail for the income tax department. This will be the key to plugging revenue leakages.

A lot of black money in the economy gets generated due to luck of audit trail. since the spread of Aadhar is substantially larger then the spread of PAN cards, more people who have been evading taxes will be brought under the tax net and the tax base gets expanded.

From the point of view of the government, individuals will will find it very hard to have multiple PAN card which have been one of the key methods of evading taxes by spreading income across fictitious PAN cards. This another major loophole in the tax system gets plugged.

● Benefits of linking to the individual tax payer…….

:- For too long you have been complaining that you honestly pay the tax but many others get away without any tax burden. That will be largely curbed once the linkage of PAN and Aadhar is done. Government will be able to widen base and pass on benefits to you I. Form of lower tax rates

For tax filing purposes, the PAN Aadhar linkage will act as a great facilitator as more complicated activities like sending the receipt to the IT department or e-signature will not be required. Aadhar e-verification will automatically do the job.

From a regulatory standpoint, you will not be able to file return from next year unless your OAN card is mapped to Aadhar. However. Leaving the regulatory part aside, you will also get a single page view of all your transaction through your IT login itself.

While there are likely to be teething problems ,this linkage of Aadhar and PAN is a steps in the right direction. Over the longer term, the individual taxpayers and the government should stand to benefits in a big way!


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