How to get subscription on Spotify ?


Spotify is a music application in which you can listen to all types of music. It us very less data consuming app so you can save your data and also very easy to use so everyone can use this application very easily. To use this application you have login first I have explained how to login in very easy way.

How to login to Spotify ?

To login first go to google play store and search for Spotify. make sure to download it from google play store only there are some fake application to fraud the people. After finding the right application click on the download button and wait for the application to be installed in your device.

After installation open the application you will see the welcome page where you can see different ways to sign up. You can sign up with your number, your Google or your Facebook. Also if you already have a acount than click on the log in button given on the bottom side of the page and to create a new account choose one option out of given three.

After choosing a option you will be taken to next page where you have to give your phone number or email id or Facebook id according to your division which way you want to login. and select which country are you from and just click on the next button. The application will send you a otp on your phone number to verify that it is you. make sure to enter the otp in 30 seconds because otp will expire in 30 seconds. After entering the otp click on the verify button and application will verify the otp you have entered. It may take few seconds.

After verification is completed you will see a new page where you have to enter your birth date it is a protocol so the application will know your age and know that you meet their age requirement or not and if not than you can not create this account. After selecting birth date click on the next button to move forward.

In the next step you have to select your gender for that just click on the option you relate with and you will be taken to the next step. Where you have to type your name and than read the terms and service given below. You can select the two option where you can stop Spotify from sending messages and share your personal details to the application. If you click on the create account button than it means you agree to the terms of Spotify and your account will be created.

In next page they will give you so many options that what type of music do you like. For example gujarati, international, hindi and etc. Select the option according to your wish and click in next button. They will show the famous musicians and you have to select atleast three of them that you like most and love to listen there music and click on next button. You can select as many musicians you want. Beacuase if this the application will show the songs you like the most and you can filter than easily. Now you are all done and ready to enjoy your favourite music songs.

How to get Spotify premium pack ?

To get the Spotify premium you have to first open the application and than you will see on the bottom side of the page their is an option of premium. Just click on that button. Than you will see there are different plans available. For example there is a couple plan if you are living with your partner, also there is a family plan in which you will get 12 month of subscription and many more options. Choose the plan you want as per your need.

Spotify will give you one month free trial so you can first experience the music free. after choosing the plan click on the get primium button. In the next page you will see the plan you have chosen there is an option to change the plan if you want to. Than click on the plan you have chosen and the payment options will be open you can pay by credit card or debit card.

Select the payment option you want to pay and enter the details very carefully and after that click on the buy now option to get the primium. After that you have to enter the otp to complete the payment procedure. And than you will be all ready to enjoy your favourite musicians songs.

In this premium plan you will never get any advertisement in between to your songs so you can play the songs without any disturbance. You can also download the songs as many you want so that you can save your data and will be able to listen to your favourite songs offline. Also you have option where you and your long distance partner or your friends can enjoy the music with the option if group session.


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