How to Get Loan in PostPe ?


There are different ways to get loan through postpe application but before that you have to login to the application I have explained below how to login in very easy steps. Just follow the given steps and you will be able to use this application.

How to login to postpe ?

To login first go to google play store and search for Postpe. make sure to download it from google play store only there are some fake application to fraud the people. After finding the right application click on the download button and wait for the application to be installed in your device.

After the installation open the application first it will show you the welcome page where they have given some information about the application. click on the get started button to move forward. In the next page you have to give some permissions to the application for your convenience and better performance of the application.

They ask permission to link your device to your account so that your data will be saved in your device. Also for sms service to give you details of your credit score and many more things. And to get your location and check the eligibility of the application to get money in your area. And lastly permission to access your contacts to send and receive money from them.

There are some terms and service are given in the bottom of this page read it properly and click on the right button. After this click on the allow button given on the bottom of this page to move forward with the process.

In the next step you have to choose which way you want to login. One is by whatsapp in which you will give details in WhatsApp and by your mobile number where it will verify your mobile number which you have currently in your phone. It can take few seconds.

In the next step you have to give your pan number and they will verify your pan. After that it will show the list of some banks in which you have a bank account or which you want link to this application. Make sure you have your pan card linked to your bank account or else you can not login to this application.

Next you have to give your adhar card details to verify the identification of you for the safety porpose. But you must have an account in digilocker and linked your adhar to it without it you are not allowed to login. Click on the authenticate adhar button and it will take you to the page where you have to enter the adhar number. The application software will verify your adhar card and send a otp to the linked number with adhar card ( make sure you have the number which is linked to your adhar card ). Type the number and click on the continue button.

After that in the next page they will ask permission to access your digi locker for the safety porpuse. you just have to click on allow button and it will start processing to create your account. Application will fetch the documents from digi locker it will take few seconds. After that you will see on the screen that you are successfully verified and your account is created. Upload your profile picture by clicking a selfie and you will be taken to the home page of the application.

How to get loan in postpe ?

It is very easy process to get loan from postpe. They check the history of your pan card and according to your track record they give you the loan. If I have paid my all loans than they will give me a decent amount of credit.

It is very flexible to use this amount you can use this by any QR code of any Shop. You can also pay online in any shipping website or any other websites. Also they give a free credit card for your use they will take no charges for this credit card. You can use this credit card to pay in any Shop and get your credit instantly.

The loan you have taken you have to pay it back in one month and you have to give no intrest for that money. For example I have 30000 credit in my account and I use 15000 this month than they will generate the bill on 1st date of next month and I have to pay before 5th so I do not have to give any interest money but If I am not able to pay before the due date than they will charge me some interest.

They have a option of EMI to payback the money I just have to select this option and select in how many months I want to payback the amount and they will set the installments accordingly with very low rate of interest. You can also split the amount for example you have 20000 due and you want to pay 10000 and set the EMI option for rest of the money you can do that also.


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