How to Get Hostinger Web Hosting


First you have to open google then type hosting then there you will have a lot of link show then touch any one of these links and open it then immediately an interface will come on your screen in which offer from hosting and company will be running whatever sale is going on It will show you how much the hosting costs in the sale Then if you watch a video of any hosting in the future, you will see more or less price there.

Because the sale in hosting is going on, when there is no sale, its price goes up and when there is sale, its price goes down. Hosting is a company which offers you the best plan at affordable price.The best thing about hosting is that the speed of the server you get from this company is very good. When you go into any basic plan and upload your website in it, the speed of your website is very good.

So you will find a lot of companies for web hosting but there you will see two meagre problem (1) the price of the company is too high (2) if you buy a cheap hosting you will not get speed here You won’t find all these problems in Hostinger.

If you want to take web hosting from Hostinger then the best and offer double plan from hostinger has given you three plans. There you can choose according to your requirement. For example the first plan is 79 rupees per month. If you use that plan you can upload only one website in what you get in it you get 30 GB storage in this plan you can’t get free domain The best plan for hostinger can get money back within 30 days. The plan is called a single web hosting plan.

hostinger recommends that you choose another plant for premium web hosting. If you want to upload it to more than one website, you have to choose a web hosting plan. Within the plan you will get a lot of facilities. You will get a plan for 159 rupees per month. SSL is found to be sedisfect in that the PED log symbol is given before the .in of the hosting so that when someone visits your website your website secure appears The best thing about this plan is that you get a free domin name in whatever domain name you search for and if that domain name is available then you will get it for free for one year from hostinger. You can fortify the plan.

The third web hosting plan is also very good. Business web hosting plant is a business web hosting plan for when you want to do a small business related to website development, you can create a website for your clients and provide the service by uploading it to the hosting. Very nice and if you want to take it for personal use then take your premium web hosting.

Now if you want to purchase this plan, add to card will be written below the premium web hosting plan.Clicking on it will open the next page.In which you will have the option to select the month in which we need a plan for how many months. If you want to select a plan for 48 months, you will get 159 pr month.

Then swipe down has given you the option of select payment. There are many banking options for you to make the payment. You can make the payment from any medium wherever you want. If so, you have to subscribe to the link that you opened, you will get a discount there, you will be asked for the details through which you will pay, you have to enter there.

Then below is the option to sing up which means you have to register. In order to make the payment you have to create your account where you have been given the option Facebook or gmail. To register for gmail enter the gmail id and a new password and then you can sing up as you sing up the payment will be confirmed there then redirect you to next page.

Then you will come to the home page of the hostinger then click on your set up the setup will be written next to whatever plant you have bought click there then the hostinger page will open there. Next it will be written that click on start now then a new page will appear on your screen in which it will give the option that you are going to buy a domain name. And if you already have a login, go to Next.


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