How to Get Domain from GoDaddy?


First you have to open Google in your phone, search there or go daddy. After searching you will see the result on the screen and you will see each type of go daddy option. Click on any one of these options. Click there. You will see an interface on the screen. You will see an option like contact in the side.

There two options are given (1) Registered user and (2) new customers If you already have an account in go daddy then click on sing in below registered users and if you want to create a new account then click on new customer then here If you want to create an account, we will click on create my account here. After clicking, an interface will appear on the screen. you can.

First you have to enter the email address from which you want to continue your go daddy’s account then you have to add your user name in the username option given below so that you can keep your go daddy’s account continued then below you have given the option of password. You will have to add your unique password then below is the option of enter pin in which you have to keep the code which is required to be number four. You have to be careful not to tell that pin number to anyone and also remember that you Next it will come in handy then below create account green option is given you have to click there.

There will be a little log in, then you will automatically go to the next page, then the domain will be written on the screen, there is an arrow option next to it. You have to field your address.You can’t take a domain without an address. After you enter all the details in the account settings, you can use the go daddy app.

When you open Go Daddy, your name will be written on the side of the screen. You can buy domin through this account. You can see on the homepage. There is a search option. Find your Perfect do mine. You have to do a lot of searching to see if it is available and if it is not domin available then you can’t buy it for example. If you click on Available or not you will be taken to the next page where it will be written codert is available.

If you swipe down, I can learn a lot about it. Like .org, .In, .Store, .club etc. Then there is an option to add to the card next to it. After clicking on it, there will be added to card written.One domin will be selected, that is, you have selected a domain. Continue to the card. Click on it. After clicking on it, a page will open on your screen. If you don’t want to take the extra feature under the show which is privacy, click on No thanks below.

Swipe down, it will be written there, it will also look like professional email, click on it, then swipe, web hosting will be written in it, also click on No Thanks, then Uper will come, click on Continue to card again, then you will go to next page. There you will see that the billing information will appear in which the account you have created will appear there, first your first name and last name will appear then you will have to add your mobile number below it add address below its personal code, city state, add.Add GST if it is below. Whenever you make a purchase a bill is generated for which billing information needs to be added.

Next to it is Selecting your items, renewing below it for the year you buy for example 2 years, 5 years, 10 years .Then you have to renew it, then the total will come down, it will come with a small amount, this is because Tex is applied and you can see that Tex has been added to it.

Below you have to look at the total. If you want to talk in customer care, below are the options. In Contact in, you can talk about domain. If we know that you have given the option of card in it you can make payment then click on complete twenty five and your payment will be done then it will be processed a little bit then whatever bank you have in which your account is there will ask for all the details. To field.Then click on submit and then it will be written that thank you for order. If you have made a successful payment then this is how you can buy a domain in go daddy.


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