How to Create a Account on Facebook


To create an account in facebook, first you need to open play store, then download facebook application from play store, after installing, open your facebook, after opening, you will see a type of enterface on your screen, below you can see that create new facebook account if you need If you want to create a new account, click there and if you have created an account in Facebook before, enter the email id and phone number, enter the password below it and then click on login.

Then you have to click on create new account then come join facebook account then click on next then after clicking next there will ask permission from you there to do facebook access then you have to click on allow then it will come in what is your name in frist name You will have to type your name and next to it you will have to type your last name there then click on next then click on next then after that you will have to type the date of birth there means you have to select your date of birth then click on next.

Then it will appear on your screen. What is your gender? It means you are male or female. You have to set it as you want. Tick it. Click on the Next button. Then it will appear on the screen. Enter your mobile number. And another option given below is that you can also do some syne with email address from your email address.

So here we open from email address then we will add it. Email address is done. If you don’t want to use old email address then we have given another option. Click on use different address. After clicking click, an interface will appear in which you will have to change the password in which you have to choose your strong password and enter it.There you have to set a password of 8 characters then click on next it will be written there finish syne up click on it then you will have a new facebook account there is singing up.

Then test time login with one tap will be written. Click on save password below it. Then this is my email confirmation code. Then you will get a code from Facebook. You have to enter it. Will take a photo and below will choose a photo in which if you want to add a photo from your phone gallery I can do it from there.And if you want to add your fresh photo, you have the option to take a photo by clicking on the photo, but you can add a photo, then add a friend. This will allow you to skip it.

If you want to recover your old Facebook account, you have to open the Facebook application. Since you do not remember the password, then the forgotten password will be written below. After you click, there will be an interface on your screen. Enter your phone number. You will have to add the phone number you added.

Then it will come down to Finishing your account. Click on it. After clicking on it, all the accounts created with that number will be shown there. In it you have to click on the account you want to recover. If you don’t log in, there are other ways you can recover an account.

First you have to type the name then enter the password then click on forgotten password then screen you can see an interface then click on Continue then click on Continue then you can see the type a new password there you have the opportunity to create a new password. You will have to keep the password in it. You will always have to remember. Then click on continue. After processing, it will be processed. You have to give OK. You have a Facebook account. It will be recovered.

Here we will explain to you in short how video is uploaded in Facebook. First you have to do Facebook application in your phone then an interface will appear on your screen in which you are given three options above (1) to put status (2) to upload photo (3). To upload a video you have to click on the third option which is the option for uploading video then you have permission in which you have to allow.

Then there will be an interface. If you want to upload a live video, there is a red button on the screen. After clicking click on next button then write a caption. You can also write what you want to write about your video there.

Then there is the option to post. Click there. Then you will upload the video. If you want to go or the video has been uploaded or not, you have to open your own profile and then swipe up. There you can see. There will also be a screen notification from which you will know that your video has been uploaded.


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