How to Check Spam Score of Website


What is spam score in website ?

Spam score is calculated by moz and we can check our website’s spam score in their website. Besically spam score is you have some features or some characteristics of your website is matching to those website who are baned or panalized by google. Now moz tool scan those banned websites and point out that because of what reason or which characteristics Google have banned those websites.

Now they point out this things and compare this things with other websites that what are the common characteristics or features they have and calculate this common points and this common points are called as spam score.

Google does not count your spam score but it difines that how much probability is there to get your website penalized by Google. You can check your spam score and if it is lower than 30 percent than it is considered as low spam score and your website is good. If you have 30 to 60 percent spam score than it is considered as midium spam score and you need to work on it. And if you have higher spam score than 60 percent than it is considered as high spam score and your website can be banned or penalized by Google.

So according to this term you need to check your spam score regularly and if you have lower spam score than you are fine but if you have higher spam score than you should try to decrease it before your website gets banned or penalized.

What are the reasons for increasing spam score ?

According to moz tool there are twenty seven major reasons for increasing spam score. For example use of meta keywords, more poison words, spamy back links and etc. There are so many other reasons but all of them will only increase your spam score according to moz tool. That does not mean your website will be banned.

They count the common things of banned website and your website there are some common things and also they are not bad or they does not harm any rules of google in that case you do not have to worry about getting banned. There are some main reasons like bad links which you should remove from your website and your website will be safe.

How to check spam score of a website ?

First you have to open the google search engine and search for moz website and sign in to it. And create a moz campaign. And now you can see there is a option called link reasearch. In that you will find another option of spam score.

Click on that option and you will see a search bar available in this page. Just type the URL of the website you want to check. You can check the other websites spam score also, because of this you can see your compatitor sites spam score and compare it with your website. You can also compare your website and some famous website also so that you can know how much spam score you have to maintain.

How to decrease the spam score ?

You have understood the meaning and how they count the spam score. There is not one reason of more spam score, There are so many factors of increasing spam score. I have explained how to decrease spam score in the following paragraphs.

The most important factor of higher spam score is the back links you are using in your website. If those websites have higher spam score than it is high probability your spam score will also increase. So first find those back inks which have higher spam score or which have got banned and remove those links from your website.

The other main reason is your website contains more poison words. This can affect your spam score and increase the risk for your website. So recheck your site and try to find poison words and errase those words from your website. This will help you to decrease your spam score.

The one more Major reason is the content of your website. If it contains the content which breaks the rules and regulations of google or you have copied some content from other websites and if those sites are banned than you have high chance to get higher spam score. You need to check your site and delete the content which is harming the rules of google and try to make your own content by your self.

This are the main reasons you should watch and avoid to have in your website. There are so many other reasons also for higher spam score. You can check the list of the high spam score reasons in the website of moz. But all of those reasons are according to moz not Google so you should try to avoid some of this valid reasons but do not worry if you have nothing wrong in your website but still your spam score is high. Google does not consider it to check the authority of your website.


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