How to Buy Stock in Upstox ?


Upstox is a online trading application where you can buy and sell shares of any company you want to invest in. It is very easy procedure to buy shares and start investing. 10 million plus people trust this application to trade everyday in share market online. You can also join with this application and start your investing journey now. Just follow the steps I have given below and learn how to buy stock in upstox application in few steps.

How to buy stock in Upstox ?

First thing is you have to sign in to the upstox application and open your demat account. After creating your demat account open the upstox application. In the home page you will see the watchlist tab. In that tab you can add the stocks you want to regularly check. And buy it directly from that watchlist by tapping on the stock you want to buy.

But if you are new and do not have any stocks in your watchlist than tap on the plus sign given on the top right side of the page. Search for the stock you want to buy in the search bar. When you find the stock you want to invest the tap on that stock you will be taken to the page where you will see detailed information of this stock. You can read the information about the company, the chart of this stock, etc. After analysing you can decide easily that you want to invest or not.

To buy this stock click on the buy button given in the bottom side of this page. Just click on the buy button and you will be taken to the procedure of buying this stock. Where you have to fill the details of your order. The first field is to fill product, where you have to choose one option out of two (1) delivery or (2) intraday.

(1) Delivery: If you want to invest for long term or more than one day you can choose this option. Mostly people prefer this option to buy reputed companies shares so they can reduce the risk and will get enough returns from the company. If you buy this share today than you can hold it for lifetime and if company growth is going up than your share price will also go up and you will also get annual bonus from the company.

(2) Intraday: If you want to invest in a company for only on day than you should select this option. In intraday you have to buy and sell your stocks in the market time only. If you buy shares and do not sell them before market closes than your shares will be sold automatically with the value of current market. Most of the people select this option to buy the shares of those companies who have more fluctuations in their stocks. So you can buy and sell in between those fluctuations and get more profit from this.

The next field is for quantity. In this field you have to type the number of stocks you want to buy of this company. Just type the number and you will see the total amount you have to pay. For example you are buying shares of company ‘abc’ and the price of this company’s stock is 100rs. If you type 1 in the quantity box you will see 100rs of total and if you type 2 in that box you will see 200rs of your total amount. Type the number and let’s move forward to next field.

The next field is order type in which you will find four type of options. The first one is market. If you want to buy the shares in the market price than you can choose this option to buy your shares. For example the current trading price of a company is 100.10rs and you have choosen the market type than your order will be placed at 100.10rs.

The second option is Limit order. If you want to buy stocks on your desire price or you think that the price will change than you can choose this option. When the stock will hit the price you have set the application will automatically place the order and you will get your shares. But this limit order will only stay for a day. If the stock does not hit the price you have set than your order will be cancelled and you have to place the order again on the next day.

The third and fourth option is Stop-loss limit and Stop-loss market are there. This options are mostly used to trade intraday shares. By selecting this options you can set a price of your shares and if the stock price touch this price or go down further than your shares will be sold automatically. So that you do not loose more money.

After filling all this information you have to click on the button review order to check the details you have filled. If your order is right as you wish than again tap on the buy button and your order will be placed successfully. You can check this in the order status and if you have chosen any other option than market than you can also modify your order before it is exicuted.


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