How to Build a PC for Gamers


In today’s fast gaming generation everyone needs a good and fast working gaming pc. To build a pc like that we need to focus on so many things. For example how much ram is good, how much voltage it will need , the processor and many more things. I have explained what are the main products you should buy and what are the qualifications you should have in your pc.

How to choose or select the products of pc ?

First you have to decide your budget and what are your needs. If you are work is normal than you should go for lower quality parts and you are working more and your work gives more load to your pc than must choose high qualification product.

The first thing you need to buy is a processor. If your work is moderate than go for i5, ryzen5. But your work load is more than moderate than choose i7, ryzen7. And you want more heavy processor than go for the i9 , ryzen9. make sure you choose the processor according to your need and you have to choose the right one because the whole pc built will depends upon the processor.

Than comes the mother board. It depends on the processor. If you are using the intel processor of 12th generation than you should buy a lga700 mother board and if you are using Amd processor than I will suggest Am4 socket mother board. All this information you can find in online shopping sites. And in that you have to buy a mother board which feets in your budget. There are so many products which have very small changes that you have to decide by your self which one suits you more.

Than according to your processor you have to buy a cooler also. If you have i3, i5 processor than stock cooler will be fine because their TDP is not that high. But if you are using i7 than buy a Air cooler and if you are going for i9 processor than must buy liquid cooler. This will be a complicated cooler to connect but also very important for your processor and pc.

Now it is the time to buy a suitable ram for your gaming pc. Now this thing you have to buy according to your mother board. If you have baught a mother board which supports ddr4 than buy ddr4 and if your mother board supports higher than buy high ram for your gaming pc.

Next thing you have to buy is the cabinet for your pc. This depends on your mother board and cooler’s size. If you have Baught big mother board than buy a cabinet in which this products can be fit.

Next thing is graphics card this also will depend on processor. If you are using intel processor than you will have IGPU so you can get display output without graphics card. And if you are using AMD processor than they have x series processor so you must buy a graphics card. And the qualifications of the graphics card will also buy which suits your processor.

Now you have to choose the power supply for your pc. They have different types like moduler and non moduler. I would highly suggest moduler type because in moduler it is easy to set the wires of your components. And the voltage of the power supply, you have to calculate it by yourself that how much power will your components will need. For example your graphics card is 3080 and it consumes 320W maximum. Than count the Walt your all comments will consume than add 100-200 walt more for the future and buy the power supply according to this.

Next is the storage of your gaming pc. It is the metter of your choice because if you does not need more storage than choose accordingly and you have more storage consuming games than buy more storage. there are different options like, ssd, sdd and in that also you have different options. For example in i7 zen4 ssd is supported than you can buy it if this fits in your budget.

Now you have to buy all this things according to your need and I have mentioned all the important things for a good gaming pc build with budget. Now get this things in one place and it is turn to assemble all the components of your gaming pc. It is not a easy task to assemble the all pc parts by your self.

If you have enough knowledge of the pc parts and have the patience to not damage any part because these are very light weight parts and it can be damaged than you can build by watching a tutorial video according which components you have baught. Or you can call some specialist of this things and he or she can help you to build your gaming pc. Once you learn from them next time you can try to do it yourself.


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