How to Book Zoomcar?


First you have to go to Playstore and download your zoomcar app, then after installing that app, you will see that it will open immediately when you open it. When you can make a booking, you will have to click on your Next button Keep going.

On the next page you can see that you can do flexible kilometers, that is, you can do as much as you need, you can do that, you have to click on next button, then you will see that you have to click on get started.

Then your location express option will come up. You have to click on access then you can touch the while using.

Then you have to select city then below you have to click on Conform then you will be asked if you want to do a round trip or I want to take a one way trip. And when you have to go somewhere, you can click on One Way.

Then you will see the home page and on the left side you will see the profile at the top. There you can touch and write or sign up. You have to enter the mobile number, then you have to click on it, then you have to register, then you have to keep your email id, then you have to click on continue button.

Then you have to write full name,as per driving licence , then you have to click on register, then in the next page you have to keep OTP, the mobile number you have kept, the mobile number will be otp, the time 30 second to enter otp. After you get the otp you have to click on continue button.

Then you can link to Paytm and also skip then your account will be created.

When you trip, you can search and click on the find car as shown in the home page, then you will see a lot of options, you can select particular location it or you can select the current location.

Then you have to select the pick up date and time What will you do then calendar where you can select the date and time when you have seen and typed you have to click on the button below then you have to click on the car then when you click on the car you will see what After the vehicle is available you can click on the filter then from there you can select delivery type, car type etc. then you have to click on the apply bottom.

Then you can select how many kilometers you have to do below then you will see below not included fuel. When you have to ride more you can add kilometers from there if you add expensive kilometers.

It will show you a lot of cars in the option. From there you can select any car. After selecting any one well you will get more.What you may have selected is date, time etc etc then you can see below by scrolling agreement police, cancellation policy etc etc.

You will then have to select your checkout at the bottom. Then you can select the delivery address from there. When you change the address, what you have to do will also change payment amount.

The next page will show you what you can do as shown below. You will be given a lot of options when you pay the payment. When you do you will see three options google pay, phonepe and paytm. When you make a google pay, you will be able to make a direct automatic payment , then you can use the process from there,Your car will be booked when your payment is successful.

Then the select the time and date that you have selected will also come to the car on your location on the time. You also have to select the location already. When the car is booked you will also get a message in whatsapp.

It will be shown above that when you have to verify your profile, you have to do verification. To do that verification you have to click on verify. When you click on verify, you will see on the next page. Verify profile in simple three simple steps frist upload driving licence second upload aadhaar cars and third take a selfie. Than after you click verify profile now.

Then one by one you have to upload and then finally take a selfie photo then it will show you that is delivered there you will have to do and you will see in it then you will see below you are delivery agent then you will see below All options are shown.

Below is shown to you how many select cashback you can also take in this app you can also get up to 50 per cent see below you can also take this rent you have to own driving.


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