How to Book Room From Oyo?


First you have to go to Playstore and download the application, then after installing the application you have to enter your mobile number then click on the side.

Then in the next page you have to enter the e-mail id, then you have to write the name, then you have to keep the referral code, you can do that skipv but if you enter the referral code, you will get 500 rupees oyo money.That Rs.500 will be credited to your application after 24 hours.

Then you have to enter the OTP on the mobile number that you have entered, then you have to touch the create account then this application will start and you will see the home page.

Then you have to search at the top where you want to book a room so you have to type its city name then after typing the name city it will show you below how many hotels are available in that position.

When you have written the name of the city, the status will come up. After searching, you will have to touch on the name of your city. Then it will show you today and Tomorrow. The first option you have to do is check in.

Then your second option is to check out there you have to put a date for as many days as you want to stay then the third option then you have to select how many people you want to stay in that room.

When you book a room, it can accommodate a total of four people. The adult should have a maximum of three adults and one little boy and that little boy should be less than five years old.

After applying this you will see the rooms that will be available on the next page. When you want to book a room in a special category you have to do it on the bottom right side filter as shown in the application then you will see a lot of options.

Then you will see the first option of the oyo wizard. If you want to book a regular oyo room, you can subscribe to it. Then you will see the second option the guest ratings you have to do. Then you will see the third option price range Appears 300 to 7100 price rate. This means that you have to select the price range according to your budget.That price range you have been asked to per day.

Then you will have to select the pay at hotel option that will appear. It will be for your benefit i.e. not when you have booked the room but you will have to pay when you go to the hotel. Hotels will be available to pay by going there.

Then you will see below collections. While selecting you there you will see a lot of options. You will have to use it for unmarried couples. The same hotel will be available for you. Then you also select the option with local id accepted. When oyo rooms are available it will show you the hotel.

Then you will see the facility option you have to do on it then many options will appear then if you want parking for the car you can also select it then if you want free wifi you can also select it as per your need. You will have to select as you would like TV, AC, Card Payment Room Heater, CCTV Camera, Games etc. Many options will be seen. You can select as required.

You will then see below the categories option in which you will find a lot of options such as home, capital o, collection o etc. When you have to book a room for unmarried couples you must go over the collection o as they have their own property of oyo and have more safety and if If there is no collection option in any hotel then you can select the flagship and silver key option.

Then you will see below accommodation type where you do not need to select anything. then you will see location.When you are there, you can book a hotel room at a special place, then at the bottom you will see the 13 filters you have to click on it.

When you like a hotel, when you touch it, you will see the last option at the bottom. You have to touch the book. When you touch it, they will book a room and you will be informed via SMS and your email id. But after being informed, they will see Thank you written.

When you are canceled for any reason, you can dial the customer care number but you can cancel the room so that the hotel owner does not have any problem. You need to have ID proof when you go to the room.


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