How to Book Order in Flipkart

To book order on Flipkart you can use two ways one is, order directly from its website or you can download the application Flipkart from the Play Store and order from the application. But before that to get the better experience you have to login to both website and application and you can not place any order before login to website or application.

How to login to Flipkart website ?

First you have to open Google Chrome and click on the search button and type Flipkart you will definitely find the website. Open the website you can see there is an option for login on the top right corner of the page.

Just simply click on that button the website will open a page where you have to type your mobile number or you can use your email ID also ( make sure that the number or email id you give is currently available ). After giving your mobile number they will send you an OTP ( One Time Password ) on your phone. You have to type that otp in the given box ( Otp will expire in 15 second type it before it expires ).

After typing otp website will verify that the otp is right or not than you will see next page. Where you have to set a password of your Flipkart account. Because of this you can login from any device by using your mobile number and password. Choose your password carefully and click on the continue button. And you will be logged in successfully in the website. You can now order any product from the website very easily.

How to login to Flipkart application ?

First open the Google Play Store and search for the Flipkart and click on the download button ( Do not try to download from anywhere else there are so many fraud application on the internet ). When the downloading is over open the application.

Now you have to enter your mobile number or email Id available in your phone now. They will verify your number for that they will send an OTP ( One Time Password ). Type the otp you receive in your phone in the given box and click on the virify button. application will verify the otp and now you are all done. You can enjoy your shopping in this application.

How to place order in Flipkart ?

It is very easy to order from Flipkart just follow the steps given below and book your order easily.

First search for your desire product in our website or the Flipkart application. Than click on that product and you can see the photos of the product there. If you scroll down you will see that there are some offers are also there, you can grab the opportunity and get some discount on the product.

If you scroll it further their are some feedbacks written by the customers who have already bought the product. You can judge the product by reading the feedbacks of other customers.

Bottom side of this page their are two option available one is add to cart and second is buy now. Click on the second option buy now and it will take you to the page where you can confirm your order.

It is a three step process in the first step you have to give some of your personal details like, your name , phone number. And also your address where you want the product to be delivered. Type the pin code, select the state and city and write full address in the given box ( write the address carefully for your own good ). Than click on the save address button, now your first step is completed.

In the second step you can see the summary of your product that you have booked. Hear you can confirm that this is the right product you want to order. There will be an option to add your email ID also to get the invoice of bill on your email. And you will see that after discount and taxes of government at what cost you are getting the product. After checking all this things kindly click on the continue button given on the bottom right of this page.

 Now it's time for your last step to book your order. In this step you will have different payment options. For example UPI , Credit card or Debit card, etc. In some selected products their is EMI option is also available. Also you can select the option cash on delivery. In this option you have to give money when you receive your parcel. If you are paying online make sure you enter your bank details carefully. After selecting one option for payment just click on the button " place order".

You are now all done to book your order. You can check the estimate time of your order to be delivered. Just go in to my order in the application or website you will see all your orders there and also you can check the status of your product.


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