How to Book Cab From Uber?


First you have to download the app from the Play Store then you have to install the app then after opening it you have to ask for permission then you have to click on the Start button.

Then you have to go to the next page where you have to enter your mobile number then you have to click on the black colored arrow shown below then OTP will come in your mobile then it will be the enter then you have to click on the black color mark below.

The next will be to write your firstname and lastname, then you will have to enter the next page then you will have to put a check mark in the message.

Then you will have a payment option which you have to select by which you can select the option you want to pay. If you have to do it you can do it too. Then you have to click on the button then you have to click once again.

The next page will open your age app then automatically detects the location in the app above just like Google maps location automatically.Then you have to click on where to. When you click on the next page you have to keep the current and pick-up locations.

When you enter the current location and where to location then you have to search. After searching you will see car, rickshaw and bike you can select whatever you want to select.If you want to choose your car, you have to pay a little more for a rickshaw and a bike.

If you select a car, it can accommodate no more than four persons. The vehicle can accommodate one person,two person,three persons or four persons.

When you select a bike, only one person can sit on the bike, not more than one.

When you do a where to location search you will see a lot of options Car, Bike, Rickshaw and it also shows you how much money the has to pay and also how many time would seem to come vehicle to see in uber application. And it also shows you how much time it will take to deliver.

When you are over four people you can scroll down to see uber XL. You can have five to six people sitting in it.

When you call up, you will keep going and you will see the case option below and you will also see the route you see. If you want to confirm, you also have to click on the uber go.

If you want to stay for a while, that is, after an hour or two, you can see the icon next to the confirm stand or you can select the time from there and you can book the car accordingly.

When you click on confirm uber then you will see on the next page where you can sit in uber cab then you can select it pickup point then you have to click on confirm.

Right now because of Corona you have to maintain precaution so in one page you have to click on agri and right then when you click on agri and right it will book cab on uber.

When your car is booked you will see on the screen how long it will take. And also show to car number plate.

You can then call to driver and if you do not want to call you can also message.

When you want to cancel, you have to click on the message box, then you will see in the next page cancel option. You can also cancel uber cab.

Benefits of uber application

When you book any vehicle through the uber app you know at what time it will reach you at the next to you and at what time you are going to reach it. You can get out by booking a car. This is most used by you at night. If you are trapped somewhere at night, you can get out through this application.

When you have time to arrive you can book and plan ahead one hour or two in advance and you will know in advance what time you will be there.You already know how much you will have to pay.

If you are single, you can also ride a bike and get to where you want to go with the least amount of money.

If you are using this app you will know that you have got a discount in this. You also get a lot of benefits from this discount. The above app is also for girls. You can reach any place like Airport Marriage Function etc.


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