How to Book Cab From Ola?


First you have to download Ola application then you have to install Ola application then after the application you will see three options phone number, google and facebook.

If you want to pay online you can enter the phone number.If you want to use more cases, you can click on google or facebook.

If you log in by phone number then OTP will come in your phone i.e. one time password will come it will be verified automatically then your name has to be written.Then you have to click on register and then the next page will open.

On the next page you will see the text Welcome to Ola. After that you will have permission to separate one of your contact number and the other of your location.

All you have to do is click on the Set up Payment mode for your ride once you see it below. It will then exit the home page when you touch the Setup Payment for Your Right by selecting it. You will see an option below on google pay, case from which you can select whatever you want to select.

If you want to add money to ola money wallet then you will see below. If you want to add money then all you have to do is add money from there then you can pay with credit card or debit card or UPI.

How to secure your ola account?

Adding an email id an a password will help in keeping your account secure You will see what is written and then you will do it. After that you will have to do two step verification in which the next page will open.

In Ola application, if you touch on referral program, you can invite friend and earn 50 rupees and you will have to send referral code to your friends,use code than after you can get money.

Got a friend’s referral code?

Your referral code is given on the home page and you can earn and use it when you have to use it before certain date.

How to book ola cab?

First of all you have to keep your location above after opening the application, the location should be yours. And that should be your current location and then the search destination is written at the bottom. All you have to do is enter where you want to go.

You will benefit from the application when you are satisfied with any bbok car you like and you will get the car that is closest to you.You can book an autorickshaw when you have called for an autorickshaw and you can book a bike when you need to book your bike.

Searching for the vehicle tools you have done will show you how much time it will take to reach you and how much money it will cost.

Then you can also take prime ride in Ola Cab which will show you all the options after the best from the app.

You will have to pay on the next page after the car or autorickshaw you have chosen. Then the car or autorickshaw you have choose will come with you and you will have to pay for it. When you reach destination. You can pay by the person you have chosen.

Next you will see the offer in the next page for example paytm and google pay offer you will see the offer then you have to click below then you will be given the precaution information for example passenger only two allow and mask is required etc.

Then you have to click on proseed then you will see the next page and the drivers near you will come to pick you up which is closest to you.

The application will then show you what the vehicle will do to you and also the driver’s number. You can also message its driver and make a call about how far the car will go after Ola is booked and how often it will take you. What it also does to you over the destination

When you touch the top left corner of my profile there you will see a lot of options for example food in history, insurance offer code and Redfern etc.

Then you see in the Ola application on the home page you will also see food function in which you see a lot of offers and even fifty percent of offers.

Ola cab benifit

When you book a car from the Ola Cab app your comes to pick you up and also shows you how often it will come. You can get these extra benefits in any season. Winter, summer and monsoon come in when you are trapped somewhere at night.

The Ola Cab app is one of the most benifit cash options you can offer when you are dropped so you have less chance of getting fraud so the Ola Cab app is much more profitable.

When you book a car and sit in the car after the car arrives you absolutely save and you can go anywhere from time to time.


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