How to add Custom Domain on Blogger


When you want add your domain name with blogger then you can easily done this process. Just follow the below step. And you can do this.

First you sign in to google domain. When you want a sign with google domain then first you go to google and search domain name and purchase first domain name. When you want purchase the domain name then this name is cost for you. But it’s most important part of run to website. When you purchase the domain name then after next process will be start.

When you go to google and search the domain name then after you selecte a domain name what you want then after you can also go to next process. When you choose the domain name ans then after you purchase the domain name then after you go to menu.

When you go to menu then after click the website site. Then after so many option show you and then after you choose the Under Website configuration options select Build website. After select this option then after under blog continue click it.

This process is do and this process is so important and then after most important step is you click on start with blogger. When you click on continue start with blogger then this process conect to domain name with blogger is almost done. Only few step are pending.

When you click on start with blogger then after process is Click Continue and follow the steps on the Blogger website to build a blog. This process is so easy for any person who want a add custom domain with blogger.

Any person who want it’s domain name conect with blogger the this process are so easy and fast. So few step process and conect with blogger.

How do I add my own domain to Blogger 2021?

In three step finish this process very easy. First step is Buy a domain from domain name provider sources like GoDaddy, etc. For example, you buy a domain such as from GoDaddy. Then after you purchase domain name second step is Open your blogger’s dashboard and click on the section of Settings.whe you open the setting section then so many option show you.

But the last and important step is the you scroll down and at Publishing tab and click on Custom Domain. It’s your process is done and you also successfully add own domain name to blogger.

Is custom domain in Blogger free?

Yea, you don’t have to pay custom domain in blogger is free. If you add a custom domain to blogger is free it’s just few step are follow and you can easy to add your custom domain add with blogger.

How do I add my own domain to Blogger 2022?

Set custom domain Name for Blogger Blog 2022.After purchasing a domain name, visit the Blogger dashboard and follow the steps: Click on Settings button. Scroll Downl the page to Publishing Section. Click on Custom Domain

How do I add a custom domain to Blogger?

So many step are follow it step are under below it. First step is you just log in to your account. It’s first step is finished. It’s all easy any person do and finish this process. Second step is You will now see a page with all purchases made by you on our buy the domain name. And it’s costly. You do and finish the second step.

You will go on third.step three is Click on the domain name for which you want to map to your blog. It’s process are easy. Forth step is Click on the DNS Management option to the right of this page.forth step is finished by any person who want a add a domain name to Bigrock blogger. Few many step are pending it’s under below it.

Step five is you just click on message dns and step five is done by you. And you go to step six and step six is you just click on a record. Step six is done by you and you go last step and it’s very simple Leave the Host Name blank. Your process is done. And you can very esliye done this process and you successfully add a custom domain name to Bigrock blogger.


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