How Does a Bank Work | How Does Bank Make Money


In India so many bank’s and so many different different work also. When any of the bank work for customer then it’s so happy people and also they support to bank worker’s. When any of the bank you open the saving account then you can do it. When you open the account to any bank then you can eligible for put money in the bank and withdrawal the money also.

In India two types of bank first is government bank and second is private sector bank. You open the account both type of bank.

How do banks make money?

Banks make money to give the loan his customer and take interest from his customer. When any customer required a loan then bank give the loan but some percentage are charge by bank and also bank make money this ways.

Bank have also loker so this is second way to income by bank. Bank have loker then any customers to give his gold, important paper and also as well as silver etc. Then bank put this important and valuables items in bank leker and take a charge his customer. This is so easily and most of the income in bank.

Bank also cut from account different different charges because bank employees working on this process. Bank cut charge like sms charge, annul maintenance charges etc. Bank have also current account transfer charges also. So bank has so many type in to with his Coustomer.

How does a bank work simple?

More specifically, banks offer deposit accounts that are secure places for people to keep their money. Banks use the money in deposit accounts to make loans to other people or businesses. In return, the bank receives interest payments on those loans from borrowers.Bank has deposit the money and also help to withdraw money his Coustomer.

What is bank and how it is work?

A bank is a financial institution licensed to receive deposits and make loans. Banks may also provide financial services such as wealth management, currency exchange, and safe deposit boxes. There are several different kinds of banks including retail banks, commercial or corporate banks, and investment banks

What does bank with your money?

When customer has deposit his money in the any of the bank then bank has this money give to loan another customer. This money so useful for the bank and this money to also income by bank. So you can deposit the savig account and also the fix deposit account then banking has use this money and make money also.

What is a swift code in a bank?

Swift code is short fom of society for worldwide inter bank financial telecommunications. It’s code is 8 to 10 characters. It’s help to find a bank also.

Can i change note in bank?

Yes you can definitely change note who note is bad and not running in market you can definitely change also. When you give bad note to bank then bank has to exchange to good note who running Easley in market.

Bank have is own application. This application is so use full fir customer. So many different different types bank in India and this bank have also application. When any customer run the application then they also so many work are easy way. Because his work done his also home. Just few step are follow. And you can transfer money by neft easy by this application.

Bank have also atm machine so this machine have also hepl to customer for withdrawal money and check the balance also. When any of the Coustomer withdrawal money by atm then they just few step are follow and few button click required also and take a money by atm machine.

Bank have so many staff so bank has so many different different work bank have also clerk and manager. Manager is also handle to loan customer. When any person want a loan then they visit a bank and meet the manager and discuss all type of inquiry. Then after manager divide to pay or not pay loan his Coustomer also.

When any customer visit to bank the then bank staff has also known how to handle customer and how to behavior with Coustomer. When staff has good behavior with customer then customer also happy with bank staff.

Cashier has also so many work deposit the money and withdrawal the money also. When any customer give check to the cashier in the bank then he pay to the money of also help to the customer to cashier.


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