General Hospital Spoilers: Will Dex end up turning against Michael?


Spoilers for General Hospital hint that Dex Heller might turn against Michael Corinthos and betray him. Will Dex decide that Sonny Corinthos should really be his boss?

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Fans of General Hospital know that Dex worked hard to get this job with Sonny, but he had other plans.

Later, it came out that Dex was really working for Michael, who was using him as a plant to get rid of Sonny.

Keep in mind that there are times when Dex really does seem to enjoy the work he’s doing for Sonny.

Dex’s view will also change after Michael tells him to make Sonny his mentor and get closer to him.

Dex will realize that Sonny is a pretty cool guy and not someone he really wants to hurt.

No one knows for sure how much Michael pays Dex, but since Dex is involved in dangerous mob drama, it’s likely a lot.

Michael would have to give Dex a reason to do it.

Still, settling for this short-term job and a small amount of money seems like a bad idea. What happens when Dex’s job is done?

Dex won’t be getting any money, and he’ll also have a very angry Sonny on his back.

When Sonny goes after Felty, the photographer, Dex should be able to see for himself what Sonny can do.

Felty could get in a lot of trouble for dealing drugs with Sasha Gilmore.

Dex might worry about what will happen when Sonny finds out that he is working for the enemy.

Sonny knows how to hold a grudge, and if Dex isn’t careful, he could kill him.

Dex could decide he doesn’t want to be part of Michael’s plan.

Dex might decide that he’d rather prove himself to Sonny and become one of the most important people in his group.

Dex could make much more money from a long-term job like that.

As for the threat of violence, Dex may also decide that he should switch gears while he still can to avoid being killed.

If there’s a way for Dex to stop Michael’s plan and show that he cares about Sonny, he might take it.

Sonny might think about letting Dex replace Jason Morgan, so it’s time for Dex to make some hard choices about what to do next.

Dex’s future is uncertain in more than one way, according to General Hospital spoilers, so stay tuned!


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